At a glance.

Today, a Great Thing shall happen that has not happened in some time:

Stone family road trip. 

1, 313 miles.

One vehicle.

4 very tall people.*

Lots of books.

At least 2 stops at Cracker Barrel.

Several times singing along with every word on the entire Lorne Greene Bonanza CD.

Potential detours to see any place that a covered wagon might have been at any point in history.

At least one car fight.

“This American Life” podcasts, books on tape, and if it gets really serious in the wasteland that is Kansas… I can’t promise that Adventures in Odyssey won’t be resurrected from our childhood.

Destination: Buena Vista, Colorado. 

People, we are vacating and it’s going to be good. 

But first, this past week at a glance.

kyataglanceEmpty roads and big skies on the drive from DC to KY. Pitstop for treats with big brother in Charlottesville. Wedding prep. Forbidden pool that became the site of the infamous Granny-Hannah pool bust of 2013. Cutest two walking buddies ever. Lunch date with a new haircut and an old bestie. Summer storm. Evenings with granny and Ivan the Terrible. The boys getting rowdy. Finally seeing what all the fuss is about at North Lime Coffee and Donuts. Going to miss this sweet family. Gelato and horrible dollar movie night with my oldest friend. Morning grooming the boys. Little brother who can’t possibly be old enough to graduate college. 

*In case you were doing the math and getting worried, James and Zach are flying to CO to meet up with the rest of the pack. I haven’t seen that handsome husband of mine for ten days and I am ready to be back with him!

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5 Responses to At a glance.

  1. E. Henry says:

    I just love your blog. Everything about it. It is my favorite blog to read. I always leave feeling inspired, joyful, happy, or just plain amazed. AAAAAND! I LOVE your new haircut! ❤ Happy traveling, dear!

    • Hannah says:

      Thanks so much – you just made my day! I think a lot of blogs strive to show you how perfect they are… but I just want to be an encouraging/thought provoking/ laugh inducing little corner of the internet. : )

  2. mindygroff says:

    After we got married, I learned that Brian didn’t listen to Adventures in Odyssey as a kid. That was all the excuse I needed to brush off my old audio cassettes!

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