There is something so nice about vacating. And yes, I mean vacating, not vacationing. I like that vacating implies a sudden emptiness, like we just disappeared, because that is what is so magical about vacations: we disappear from life just for a little while.

And you know what? Life really doesn’t miss us much or protest our absence.

So this trip, I’m not fighting the vacating. I’m still occasionally checking things on my phone and instagramming (because, duh, it’s totally fun and the rest of the summer has me chilling in my apartment a lot and no one cares about that) but I think there won’t be any blogs till the end of next week. I typed this one out on my phone, but I don’t really know how to text type and it took me way too long and auto correct kept changing my innocent words into horrible inappropriate things. The one finger I used to type this whole thing is pretty sore.

So until then, James and I are with my family here:20130529-095317.jpg

Waking up here:20130529-095616.jpg

Hiking and marveling at this beautiful world we live in:


May you all find a way to vacate this summer, for however brief a time. Enjoy being absent and forgotten.

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5 Responses to Vacating

  1. Maria Servold says:

    Welcome to my home state! Ryan and I are in Colorado right now, too! Though, we are down on the front range. Email me if you and James come down from the mountains and want to meet up! We’re here until Michele’s wedding.

  2. Jamie says:

    It makes me so happy that you are in Colorado and are marveling at the mountains I’ve fallen in love with these last 5 years. If your travels takes you down to Colorado Springs, feel free to stop by. We would love to see you guys!

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