A lovely shower for a little soul.

In light of my last post about the fruitless pursuit of stupid goals, I feel just a little hypocritical putting this post up, as I am going to now overwhelm you with pictures of the absolute perfection that was Susannah’s shower. Just remember that I was never disputing the effectiveness of the finished product, just the needless steps we make ourselves take to get there. Also remember that I had absolutely nothing to do with all the beauty you are about to see. I showed up with food in tupperware containers and my co-hostesses showed up with a car full of magic. My only decor contributions were a table cloth from my granny and the bunting that Laura made for her wedding which yes, I stole during take down.

Suze shares a studio with Lauren and Rachel of Sweet Root Village and they did the flowers for her when she threw my wedding shower a while back, making me all the more excited to turn the favor around and work with them to shower Suze and her little baby girl. If you ever need to throw a perfect party in the DC area, you should definitely check these ladies out, and if you just want some daily doses of beauty, I encourage you to follow them on Instagram or check out their blog. In another world, I am the type of person who knows how to arrange flowers. But in this one, I am someone who just shoves them in vases and tries to double like all their Instagram pics. Lauren took all these photos and I’m so happy to share them with you today!SRVshower SRVshower2And of course, we were also getting to celebrate the most lovely pregnant mama ever. Here’s to hoping her baby girl decides to make her debut soon! After the book themed shower, she has a pretty stellar library awaiting her.

SRVshower3But really, I don’t think it’s possible to have an unlovely baby shower or be an unlovely expectant mama. Because what is more beautifying than anticipating a new life? What is more beautiful than celebrating a little soul?

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11 Responses to A lovely shower for a little soul.

  1. Emily says:

    Ok, I’m totally loving the streamer idea. Magical. And EASY, which I need. Because I am not artistic. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Must Have Boxes says:

    This shower looks fab!

    – KW

  4. Laura says:

    Love the streamers and flowers! I am throwing a baby shower for my friend tomorrow and this post has gotten me really excited!!

    • Hannah says:

      I pretty much want to make ribbon curtains for EVERYTHING after Lauren and Rachel brought theirs… I just can’t imagine it ever being the wrong idea!

  5. Couldn’t have been any more perfect that the ribbon curtain matched Susannah’s dress. Love it so much. This was the most fun shower ever!

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