The wedding that finally happened.

Remember when Ana-Joel and Joseph got engaged? And then remember when I went and followed them around New York for a day and they looked all perfect, and I mentioned how excited I was to celebrate with them in June? That was before they discovered the special sort of torture that is immigration law and waiting for a fiancé visa. After moving their wedding to the weekend after Thanksgiving, the fall rolled around with still no visa, despite all promises to the contrary. There was talk of moving the wedding again, followed by a whole lot of prayer, a couple little miracles, and finally — a wonderful wedding weekend a couple weeks ago.

I love weddings — a good thing considering 2013 has been a year of weddings. I was in this one, which is even more fun than just attending or photographing. I really really love coordinating outfits. It’s like we are all in some special club that makes us run around in purple dresses, you know? Like a sorority with a commitment that only lasts a weekend. Plus, Ana-Joel and Joseph planned several days of pre-wedding activities which meant I got to bask in the presence of some of my favorite people from France who came over for the occasion. They had a great photographer who will give them more than enough perfect photos, but I still couldn’t resist a grabbing a couple snapshots throughout our weekend on Long Island.Funderwoods-5 Funderwoods-7 Funderwoods-11Funderwoods-14 Funderwoods58Funderwoods-19We had a bridal shower tea at the Secret Garden Tea Room in Port Jefferson and I cannot say enough good things about them. Not only where there hats to wear and the food was amazing, but they opened for us the Friday after Thanksgiving. And there were palette cleansing sorbets, because apparently that’s a thing. I want to only brush my teeth with ice cream from here on out. 
Funderwoods-38Funderwood59 Some of my favorite wedding flowers ever. She succeeded in the difficult task of having all yellow bouquets that don’t look like funeral flowers, a task much harder than it sounds. Funderwoods-44 Funderwoods-45 Funderwoods-46 Funderwoods-47 That’s how happy (and relieved!) you look when everything has conspired against your wedding happening, but then it finally does and you can see God’s goodness through it all. Funderwoods-57

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2 Responses to The wedding that finally happened.

  1. What a beautiful wedding!

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