Merry Christmas!

ChristmascardfrontMerry Christmas y’all! After all your advice and input about our Christmas cards, we sent out these a little while back. We did one of those update letters (or the “humble brag” according to James) on the back, superimposed over a jumping picture because, you know, it’s Christmas. Why not jump in front of a wall and write in cliché fragments? Plus, the picture of us jumping shows off our impressively long and gangly limbs. Our kids are destined to be clumsy hurdlers.

But in all seriousness, I love this time of year. Whether we always get the meaning of Christmas right or not, we still stop. We still pause, we still put off work, and turn off distractions. We still gather together and recognize that there is something more than all that we see around us. We still sing songs, share what we have with others, and soften our hearts a little bit towards the idea that miracles did happen and are happening still.

So Merry Christmas, from our home to yours! (And here is our gift to you… because yesterday my brothers-in-law and I might have spent a decent amount of time trying to imitate his dance moves. )November-41

PS: That chalkboard graphic is from here.

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5 Responses to Merry Christmas!

  1. Laura says:

    Love your Christmas card. I am so looking forward to going home today and celebrating the real Reason for the season. Have a merry Christmas Hannah!!

  2. RA says:

    Merry Christmas! Love love the card. 🙂

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