Mollie Elisabeth

Meet Mollie Elisabeth.Dunhams-15 She is the daughter of our friends Will and Anna, and this baby’s entrance into this world less than two weeks ago was exciting not only because new babies are always exciting, but because Anna was on bed-rest over half her pregnancy (you can read more about that over on her blog). Holding her baby also meant finally standing up and walking with her, moving around with her, and going back out into this wide wonderful world with her. James and I went down to visit this new little family last weekend and I am so happy to share a couple of the pictures today. Dunhams-25 AnnaandMollieDunhams-32 Dunhams-35 Dunhams-40Dunhams-73 Dunhams-77 Dunhams-81 MollieandDarcyDunhams-113Dunhams-116Dunhams-117Mollie2Dunhams-128 Dunhams-130 Mollie3Dunhams-136 Dunhams-100Dunhams-156

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15 Responses to Mollie Elisabeth

  1. abby hummel says:

    I’m so happy about these that I can’t even breathe!!!!!!!!

  2. RA says:


    I so prefer baby pictures like this, natural ones with the people in their own element. Photo sessions that are overstyled and put together seem so odd to me. Kudos!

    • Hannah says:

      I totally agree. We mostly had to do this style because Miss Mollie was NOT HAVING IT unless she was being held, but I actually like how they turned out better because it captured the moment for the whole family.

  3. Susannah says:

    Looove these! Especially the ones with the pup too! So sweet.

  4. Nicole says:

    Ohh so sweet and beautiful, Hannah! Mollie is a doll. We will be hiring you in the near future for some Lucy and family shots! 🙂

  5. Liz says:

    Congratulations, Anna and Will! Mollie is beautiful. And I love that Darcy is in these pictures.

  6. Amanda B. says:

    I have been waiting for these! THANK YOU FOR POSTING THEM! Such a beautiful family and I am just so jealous that you got to see/hold/be with Mollie 🙂 Lucky Duck.

  7. mary says:

    most beautiful family ever award??? i think yes. i also just love what you said about how the birth of their child is also the renewal of anna being able to move freely again! what an amazing symbolic birth for her, too.

  8. Neisha Bella says:

    Ohhhh she’s so beautiful! Congrats to Anna and Will.

  9. MLE says:

    I just cried with the joy my heartfelt looking through these pictures… The best things in life are worth waiting for and worth suffering/sacrificing (aka bedrest) lol She is SUCH a blessing! ❤ Love you 3… oops 4 (That adorable Pup!)

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