Everly Elizabeth Anne

These photos are such a joy for me. To have been able to see one of my very first college friends get engaged, get married, await her first baby, and now become a mother is such a sweet blessing. Welcome to the world, little Everly Elizabeth Anne. EverlyElizabethAnne-1 EverlyElizabethAnne-10 EverlyElizabethAnne-12 EverylyEverlyElizabethAnne-47 EverlyElizabethAnne-49 EverlyElizabethAnne-55 Everly2 EverlyElizabethAnne-93 EverlyElizabethAnne-115EverlyElizabethAnne-133EverlyElizabethAnne-138 EverlyElizabethAnne-150Everly3 EverlyElizabethAnne-153 EverlyElizabethAnne-174 EverlyElizabethAnne-180 EverlyElizabethAnne-185EverlyElizabethAnne-191

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6 Responses to Everly Elizabeth Anne

  1. giulia says:

    this is oh so precious!!!!

  2. morganmkay says:

    Cutest baby I think I’ve ever seen! I’m not usually one to goggle at babies, but she’s adorable.

    Also, your pictures are so perfect. Always!

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