Why I love DC: Market Breakfast Pancakes

Yesterday morning as he was leaving for work, James turned to me and said, “Seize the day…. or at least say ‘Hey’ and try it make it through.” It’s been one of those weeks (months? seasons of life?). So instead of talking about that, let’s talk about pancakes.
Spring-66I’ll be honest — I don’t really like pancakes. They are like the sadly flat cousin to waffles and I will always take the waffle. The only way I usually tolerate pancakes is if they have chocolate chips in them and can be eaten like a soft cookie. I’m not sure what it is about pancakes, if it is the overwhelming sweetness of syrup, or the bland taste, or the unexciting appearance, but pancakes just don’t inspire me.

Until Market Breakfast pancakes that is. Spring-63Spring-68I had heard of their legendary breakfast for awhile, but they don’t exactly serve brunch as late as James and I usually roll, plus the line is always way too long.

A couple weeks ago, James and I dragged ourselves out there before church. Despite the early hour, we still waited 45 minutes, but it was so worth it. Amazing blueberry buckwheat pancakes, gigantic eggs benedict,  crispy potatoes, and giant flaky biscuits. Perfection.

It was all good, but it is those pancakes that had me waxing poetic to anyone who would listen, those pancakes that made me go back a second time that week, those pancakes that have redefined pancake for me. The manager insisted I order one the first time, all but forcing it onto our ticket, and he was so right. He knew that before they came into my life, I missed them so bad. And he was right.


What it is: Counter serving relatively cheap breakfast (and lunch!) inside the covered market at Eastern Market.

Where it is: 225 7th Street SE

Why you should be excited: Did you see those close up pancake shots? Yeah, that’s why. Plus, you will walk away having spent significantly less than anywhere else. It’s a pretty no frills kind of place, but again, PANCAKES.

Spring-70It even has me considering making some pancakes at home… until I remember how cheap and close they are, and then I give up and go buy them.

But seriously, any rockstar pancake recipes out there? And I know it is a waffle, but I have been craving these grain free lemon blueberry waffles all week. How long till the weekend again?

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9 Responses to Why I love DC: Market Breakfast Pancakes

  1. Sabine says:

    I am the same! I don’t like pancakes very much either. The only way I occasionally agree to have some is combined with vegetable soup for lunch. This is an old family tradition and everyone else finds it entirely gross.
    The ones in your photos look delicious though!

    • Hannah says:

      I’ll admit…. I’m a little skeptical… but we all have our special foods that other people find weird and usually they are awesome! Plus, without syrup, pancakes are basically bread, so that could work!

  2. giulia says:

    Oh my thank you so much! I am trying these as soon as possible. AP exams week? ha! Pancakes are a priority!

  3. Read Robyn says:

    Chocolate chip pancakes really trump every other kind. Once I had them, I couldn’t go back. But those pancakes look delicious!

  4. slesser1013 says:

    I love your photos. 🙂

  5. Heidi says:

    Something about your love of breakfast food makes me smile, a lot. 🙂

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