Baby John

Meet John, a sweet newborn baby boy I got to photograph on Mother’s Day.

Just in case your Monday needed tiny baby toes, perfect baby fingers, and little baby smiles, you’re welcome.
John4BabyJohn-4 BabyJohn-17 BabyJohn-26 BabyJohn-28 BabyJohn-30 BabyJohn-40 BabyJohn-47 BabyJohn-51 BabyJohn-71 BabyJohn-78 BabyJohn-80 JohnBabyJohn-81 BabyJohn-88 BabyJohn-104 BabyJohn-112 John2BabyJohn-137 BabyJohn-138John3

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4 Responses to Baby John

  1. What a handsome little fella!

  2. slesser1013 says:

    He is so cute 🙂

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