Coming home means…

c4fab80d9185000f5464cfde5acbed26Piles of shoes by the back door because I will never ever ever be considered adult enough to be allowed to keep my shoes on in my mother’s house.

 Stolen moments practicing piano when no one is home because I love playing but I am so bad and out of practice that I only do it in an empty house.

Not making my bed because I am reveling in being in a house bigger than our tiny apartment, where an unmade bed makes the whole place look messy.

Trying to get my mom to make all my favorite foods, like Swedish meatballs, cabbage slaw, and everlasting sweet tea.

Taking time to play with the cats, Scarlett and Ivan the Terrible, who do not get along at all and must be doted on separately.

 Swimming with my granny and dashing into her house to avoid those wonderful freak summer storms that rain down big raindrops where sun shone moments before.

Central air. Satellite TV. First world bliss.

 Family. Porch swings. Horse pastures. Fireflies that make the fields look like they are alive. That smell of freshly mowed grass and honeysuckle bushes.

All the perfect things that make up early Kentucky summers.

Image via this tumblr. 

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9 Responses to Coming home means…

  1. Kirsten says:

    I did not come from a home where shoes came off by the door. But, I still feel slightly daring when I eat in my grandparents’ living room (it was off limits to us as kids, and absolutely off limits to food). But, now we cousins hang out in there (and had nerf gun target practice on the bay window until our grandmother caught us)!

    Your descriptions of home sound like where I live in VA. Relaxed and special!

    • Hannah says:

      Pretty sure I still can’t eat in my grandparents’ living room either. : ) But I might be secretly disappointed if they loosened up that rule!

  2. I remember spending a little bit of time at your parent’s house when I came down to visit and for Ichthus forever ago! What a beautiful home and an incredibly gorgeous area. I hope you enjoy every minute of your precious time spent with family.

  3. Sounds like paradise. I feel refreshed just reading 🙂

  4. Laura says:

    Coming home is the best. Enjoy the next couple weeks in KY!

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