Rainy Day Ramblings

It’s a rainy day here in Kentucky, the kind that forces you lazily inside and makes you dig back out the sweater that you swore off until September. I don’t really mind. This week, despite constant threat of rainstorms, I have squeezed in a good chunk of pool time with my granny, resulting in bright pink shoulders, chest, and face…. and stubbornly white legs. Natural color blocking at its finest.

Earlier this week I went to a weekly outdoor jazz festival with friends and one of them brought his blue Great Dane puppy. BE STILL MY SOUL. I’m pretty sure I have never seen a cuter puppy, with huge feet, floppy ears, and the sweetest sad eyes ever. I MUST HAVE ONE. I am bent on convincing James that a 160-pound apartment dog is a good idea, even if he seems resistant. Then, I hit on perhaps my best idea ever: a blue Great Dane/ poodle crossbreed…. A GREAT DOODLE. I mean, if everything in the park is getting with a poodle these days to create an entire subset of delightfully curly pooches, why not? Who is with me on this one?Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

Sometime this semester, when things got rough and winter destroyed my hair and skin, I decided that lipstick and fingernail polish make me pretty. Yes, I realize true beauty is an inner quality and confidence or whatever, and yes, James ironically hates both, but logic didn’t enter into my feelings. When I was slaving over German and looked down and saw pretty nails, I couldn’t help but think Hello gorgeous! You may have no clue what case that adjective is but your hands are perfection. And when I just didn’t have energy to care about my usually styled mane and resigned myself to yet another messy bun day, some bold lips had me puckering up in the mirror and thinking You, coral lips, are majestic. You are unstoppable. You can do anything. Though I am toying with the idea of mint or orange nails for the summer, my go-to was and still is this one, a [cheap] perfect pinky tan that doesn’t stand out, yet still looks pretty. As for lips, I loved a bright coral gloss from Mary Kay for awhile, but this summer I wanted to invest in something new and longer lasting. After an hour in Sephora and a very convincing beauty specialist, I walked out the proud wearer of this red beauty, Nars Golshan, and I just want to kiss everything in sight, a real possibility, since it lasts forever.

With James gone, I am thinking about how my cooking and eating will change. I love this post by Bethany about cooking for one, and I will definitely see more of the foods James hates (weird cheeses, strangle piles of runny eggs and veggies, endless mounds of eggplant). I am intrigued by this eggplant dish and this quinoa bake, and I absolutely cannot get enough of this cake. It’s so healthy that I have had it for breakfast several times recently. Don’t judge. Anything grain-free and refined sugar-free is automatically good for you, right? Even if I smother it in fresh whipped cream and berries????

Summer lets me catch up on some of the cool articles around the Internet. For instance, I am now ready to strengthen my core while washing dishes, a good thing since James was the dish doer in our home. I also came across this article, and wanted to share it with everyone I have ever met. Maybe you’ve noticed the slew of “enlightened” Christian bloggers and writers who are all into attacking the church’s modesty message and push. When I read there articles, I always get uneasy. Yes, maybe some churches go too far, and yes, you are not responsible for someone else’s weaknesses. But still… I think that they all miss some key points. Firstly that the Christian life is one of developed consideration of others, and second (and more importantly) modesty isn’t first and foremost a spiritual thing, but a refined knowledge of the appropriate dress and comportment in different situations. That’s why I LOVED this hilarious article about workplace fashion crimes. She manages to talk – in a totally nonspiritual way since it is not at all a religious blog – about the importance of presenting yourself well. Her about page is also awesome, and her fashion posts make me want to use all of my stipend on Diane von Furstenberg dresses.

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7 Responses to Rainy Day Ramblings

  1. Mary Orton says:

    Beautiful piece. Thanks for including me!!

  2. Bekah says:

    Sigh. I asked Jordan to mail me his puppy, because I want it out here. He nicely told me no.
    Also, if you’re into cakes that are “healthy” enough to eat for breakfast- try this one. Don’t mind the strange list of ingredients. Just make it and trust. I’ve made it quite a few times now and it has been delicious each one of those times (topped with fresh whipped cream and strawberries, because yes, yum.) (and use a ful 3/4 cup of honey and none of the nasty fake sweeteners.) (and add a 1/2 tsp baking soda, as somehow it’s not listed)

  3. Emily says:

    Loved this post! Totally with you on the Great Doodle! Brilliant.

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