36 hours.

Last weekend I got to have James home for a whopping 36 hours. It was almost a much shorter visit, if that’s even possible, thanks all flights being delayed during Chicago layovers. I was super adult-like when James called to say he might have to wait and fly out on Saturday, crying and yelling angry declarations about calling Southwest and insisting that they let planes take off. My fury was not needed in the end and James rolled into town around 3am Saturday morning for a wild 36 hours in the city. And by wild, I mean we slept in, took a walk to enjoy that amazing autumn weather and enjoyed chicken tortilla soup at home Saturday night. Wild times around our home. Mostly we just whispered sweet nothings to each other, a smattering of which are below for your enjoyment.

Untitled-1James: “How come every paper you write ends up being about a harem? You are going to be the only person with a PhD who only knows about 4 things.”

Hannah: “That is basically the definition of a PhD, and I just really like harems.”


James: “That’s ridiculous. Chicken never made anyone fat.”

Hannah: “I’m pretty sure that’s what happened to America.”


James: “Hi, my name’s Hannah, and I haven’t Instagrammed in 4 days. Hiiiiiiiii Hannah…. I’m just going to make the same face in this one that I make in all the others.”


James: “Hannah- get off the grass. Sidewalks are what separate us from the animals.”


In other really exciting and important weekend news: I learned voice dictation on my cell phone (which means I learned that you can press that microphone button.. technological I am not) and spent a long time staring at my forehead debating if I should go back down the bangs route. I know I will regret it when they are all up in my face… but it’s like the siren song I can’t resist.

 Hope your weekends were all equally eventful, exciting, and full of profound wisdom.


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14 Responses to 36 hours.

  1. Kristin Jared says:

    Hannah, I just want you to know how much I enjoy your posts. (You hooked me with “I did not marry my soulmate!”) Here I am, a stranger on the other side of the country (Southern California) and I feel like I am reading about a friend. My family traveled to DC in April of 2013 and had the most wonderful time. I love seeing your photos with the gorgeous seasonal changes, as here, we have endured 104 degree temps last weeked and a high of 91 today. (Living in a desert does not bode well with my Nordic/Celtic blood…;)
    Anyway, not to be Completely Strange Woman, but as a mom with 3 kids I really love reading about you and James and your life. Thanks for sharing it with us. God bless and keep you and have a great week!
    Kristin Jared
    Glendora, CA

  2. Raewyn says:

    So lovely for you to have James home and I love the sweet nothings. Glad you were able to enjoy such an eventful time together 🙂

  3. Ahh, I’m glad you had the 36 hours of sweet nothings. (He’s so right about the sidewalks.)
    I feel a little foolish using the voice dictation thing, but sometimes I am just so oooover typing that I stutter my way through message dictation. Hashtag firstworldproblems

  4. Is the “get off the grass” wisdom original with James? It seems like it is something I can picture his mother teaching her children….:-) (I, too, am a get off the grass kind of person…)

  5. klyse3 says:

    I’m so glad you guys had some time together. 🙂

  6. E. Henry says:

    Don’t get bangs.

    That is all. 🙂

  7. E. Henry says:

    I should clarify: You look great with bangs. And you also look great without them. Bangs are so much upkeep. That is why I discourage getting them. Also, how do you get that subtle wave in your hair?

    • Hannah says:

      Thanks girl – that’s what I keep telling myself. As for that “subtle wave” it’s called “my hair was two days unwashed.” No really- here is my magic hair trick:
      1. Invest in a GOOD flat iron with round edges. I have a Hair art and I love it.
      2. Use it to curl your hair and spray the fire out of it with hairspray, shaking your head to break up “chunks.” My fav is the cheap Garnier Fructisse heave hold spray. It also smells great.
      3. Day 1 your hair will look awesome, and day 2 you add some dry shampoo, brush it out, and you have straightened hair with gentle curl at the ends. Plus… it means only doing your hair a couple times a week.

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