This family.

Untitled-8Kreinbihl-49 Untitled-2 Kreinbihl-106 Untitled-3 Untitled-9Kreinbihl-63  Untitled-5 Kreinbihl-92 Untitled-6 Kreinbihl-138 Kreinbihl-154 Kreinbihl-175 Untitled-7 Kreinbihl-184 Kreinbihl-201 Kreinbihl-205This family. I sure do love the three of them a lot and loved spending a perfect fall afternoon taking some pictures of how sweet baby Everly is growing. I mean, remember just yesterday when she was a newborn? Not to mention when we were busy awaiting her arrival, or even further back to her parents’ marriage and engagement. It is such a gift to see this family grow!

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6 Responses to This family.

  1. rachel says:

    omigosh that baby is adorbs

  2. Jeni says:

    Love these pictures! Next time you come to W’burg can I please please hire you to do ours?? 🙂

  3. Lindsay says:

    what a cute baby – probably the happiest baby I’ve ever seen! were you making her smile behind the camera or was she just THAT happy the whole time? 😉 great photos too! you are very talented.

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