Friday Confessions

  1. We have a giant bag of last week’s donuts that are now slightly stale. Rather than throw them out, I am planning on making DONUT BREAD PUDDING. Because then I’m not being wasteful. #livetoserve   Any recipe ideas to get me started?
  2. Despite the fact that I have never experienced worse customer service and never been more humiliated by a shopping experience, I am considering afresh investing in a pair of Madewell jeans. I know, I know, I swore never to step put in their lying and judgemental store again. But I got a pair of their boyfriend jeans for $15 at the last JCrew clearance sale and I love them more than words can say. It’s making me rethink my anti-Madewell resolve, even as I think about my months of waiting for jeans that never came and I die a little inside.
  3. I have a big presentation for a French Art History class on Monday and this past Tuesday I realized I needed to entirely restructure my argument. I was so excited that I woke up early on Wednesday thinking about re-writing my paper (italics to emphasize my total and pathetic nerdiness) and made it happen after I finished teaching. I had James spend 2 hours slogging through my draft and making edits Wednesday night. When he expressed that certain things were a little confusing — understandable, considering the draft was lacking all images of the paintings I was writing about and had key quotes in French with no translation — I promptly burst into tears trying to explain it. Let’s just say that trying to explain how Roland Barthes’ writings on mythology allow an analysis of the hookah as a language-object in the creation of the myth critiqued by Edward Said’s Orientalism is made exponentially harder when you are ugly crying. Ok, when I re-read that sentence I have to admit that maybe the ugly cry isn’t the only thing that made an explanation difficult.
  4. Still, as excited as I was working on my paper this week, that excitement cannot even compare my excitement about the Pitch Perfect II trailer being released. Y’ALL. I’VE WATCHED IT THREE TIMES. It is going to be aca-awesome and I can not even aca-wait. That second one didn’t really work, did it? Well aca-scuse me.
  5. Yesterday I got into an altercation in the grocery store because a man in a red velour track suit accused me of cutting him in the deli line. I didn’t, for the record, as I consider the deli line a sacred place, but in case I accidentally had, I felt bad. And then he did this:As in, someone in real life did that and they were not trying to be funny. It was followed by “Don’t EVEN give me your attitude sweetheart! If I want to hear what you have to say, I will let you know,” when I stared at him like the crazy person he was being. This is where I would like to say that I calmly apologized and offered to pay for his half pound of Havarti cheese to make it better, but I totally just fled the scene and angry cried in my car on the way home.
  6. On Sunday night I’m having girls over to continue watching The Bachelorette. You may be thinking, “Hannah, it’s not on right now.” You would be right. We bought an old season and are re-watching it. Because January is too long to wait to watch people humiliate themselves for flowers on live television. I like to think of it as “community time.” (In case you were wondering, we went with Ashley’s season because it is just the best.)

Should there be anything you need to get off your chest before the weekend starts, make yourself at home in the comments below.


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15 Responses to Friday Confessions

  1. Sarah says:

    I love everything on this list. And I freaking love Madewell’s stupid-expensive jeans.

  2. Em says:

    Here’s mine: I found fall-colored plain M&Ms on clearance after Halloween and bought them. This was to fill up our candy jar, which usually keeps peanut M&Ms. No one has eaten them hardly at all (never a problem when it was full of the peanut ones), so I conceded and picked up a bag of peanut ones. The bag’s already half gone and sitting next to the nearly full candy jar. I bought them yesterday.

    I could never put them all into the same jar, which would just be cruel. So what do I do with the plain ones?

    • Hannah says:

      Now I just want to eat peanut M&Ms, the obviously superior candy. You could be cruel and mix them, forcing people to eat the regular ones, or you could dump the regular ones into cookie dough batter and fill the jar with the peanut ones. PROBLEM SOLVED.

  3. Anna says:

    i spent more time watching one direction interviews and colin jost standup today than i did working.

  4. The fact that the man was wearing a red velour tracksuit AND did the ‘oh-no-you-dIDn’t’ dance in the deli section at the grocery store means that he may have won that battle but he will NOT win the war.

    I confess that I have not watched the first Pitch Perfect. Horrible. I know. I should remedy.

    • Hannah says:

      THANK YOU. I shall be a winner someday.
      Girl, it is so good. And bad, all at once. I talked James into watching it last weekend and even he begrudgingly had to admit that it was hysterical.

  5. Yajaira says:

    1. I had captain crunch for breakfast AND dinner. 2. My child drove me crazy today by repeatedly saying “hey, mom?” But her giving me hugs and kisses before bed makes up for it. 3. I finally started a journal.
    I love your list! 🙂

  6. lalumii says:

    I loved the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2… the first one was already amazing, I can’t wait for this!
    Good luck on your presentation!

  7. Jess says:

    I respectfully disagree with you about Ashley’s season being the best. Emily’s season is CLEARLY the best because it produced Jef with one F, SeanLoweKSU, and Aggressive Kisser Ari.

    I am so sad to hear about your terrible interaction at the store. I would have angry cried as well, but only after picking my jaw up off of the floor because who even DOES that? There are two very real sides of me that exist and one could easily have just cried quietly and profusely apologized while the other side would have grabbed that wagging finger and given him a piece of my mind. I doubt that sassy Jess would have prevailed- it probably would have been weepin’ Jess. People are the worst though, I’m so sorry!

    • Hannah says:

      But Ashley was just so sweet!!! Plus, JP FOREVER, and Bentley was the best Bachelorette bad guy. Not that I didn’t love Emily’s season, but I guess that Ashley will always hold a special place in my heart because she felt so inferior to Emily AND her’s was the season that hooked me into the franchise (one brief fling in college for Jason’s season aside).

      I always wish that sassy Hannah would show up in situations, but angry-cry Hannah just pops up uninvited ALL OF THE TIME. Grr.

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