2014 Christmas Card Out-takes

It’s that time of year again… CHRISTMAS CARD SEASON! My fridge is getting all gussied up with beaming faces. Our cards will hopefully arrive here in time to be shipped out before we leave for Christmas with our families. The big goal is just to have them on fridges by the end of those 12 days of Christmas. With every perfect card that comes, I can’t help but wonder what photoshoot meltdowns, what panicked late night ordering, what battle over contrived phrases went down in each home.

Thus, I give you great tidings of good Christmas card out-takes, the 2014 Edition. James and Hannah 2014-5

James, on Christmas cards in general: “Wait – we have to do one EVERY year?”James and Hannah 2014-6James, on writing the Christmas card: “I hate this. Everything I write is obnoxiously cheesy or totally arrogant.”


James, on Hannah’s amazing ideas regarding the writing of the Christmas card: “Um… That’s a little overboard. Though it would be merry and uplifting.”

(For the record, we did have a draft of our card going where we re-wrote the “12 days of Christmas” to be about 2014 in our lives…. but we couldn’t think of anything for 10 and 8 so we scratched that and started over.)

Speaking of merry and uplifting, how about a little failed “skipping into the distance” photo?James and Hannah 2014-51  James, on wandering around Capitol Hill while Susannah took our photos: “So… basically we are doing the exact same photoshoot as our engagement one… right? And… why? Can we use those?”

James and Hannah 2014-30As can be seen by his expression, James was thrilled that I have colonized the scarf that was once his and used it for my own wardrobe, and every photoshoot I did this fall. Seriously, if I have taken photos of you in the last two months – you have been wrapped in this scarf. James and Hannah 2014-28Hannah and James, Christmas Cheer extraordinaire. Coming to a mailbox near you. I can feel the excitement all the way across the internet. James and Hannah 2014-2
Are you all sending out Christmas cards this year?

All photos by the talented Alumbra Photography. See last year’s Christmas card out-takes here.

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7 Responses to 2014 Christmas Card Out-takes

  1. Quincy Ledbetter says:

    hahahaha. This is amazing. It’s our second holiday season as a married couple and we still haven’t sent out a Christmas card. I keep thinking… it’s not too late to use our wedding photos, right? Yeah… I don’t think I’ll have it together until at least year three. 🙂

  2. James has a Mona Lisa quality to his expressions of disdain. Is that a smile? We’ll never know.

  3. Angela Stone says:

    You’all look wonderful!

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