Grace & Jonathan

I’m kind of ridiculously excited for this couple to get married. I love this whole family so much, and after photographing Grace’s sister Gen’s engagement a couple years ago, I was thrilled to come back to that same field (though in a little colder weather) for some more photos of people in love. Congratulations Grace and Jonathan! GandJ_001 GandJ_002 GandJ_003 GandJ_005 GandJ_004 GandJ_006 GandJ_007 GandJ_010 GandJ_011 GandJ_012 GandJ_013 GandJ_009 GandJ_014 GandJ_015 GandJ_016 GandJ_017 GandJ_018 GandJ_019 GandJ_021GandJ_020GandJ_022 GandJ_023

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4 Responses to Grace & Jonathan

  1. Ruth says:

    I want to have that fluffy skirt! Do you know where this beautiful bride to be has it from?

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