All the love for love day.

Winter2014-2015-254Winter2014-2015-243 Winter2014-2015-250Winter2014-2015-251Winter2014-2015-249 Winter2014-2015-253 Winter2014-2015-255 Winter2014-2015-257 Winter2014-2015-260Winter2014-2015-261 Winter2014-2015-262Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Around our home it was basically nothing but nonstop romance last weekend. Here are a couple of the ways that we celebrated love day.

We went out for dinner Friday night, because we aren’t Valentine’s rookies, and we know that this city traps diners on Februaury 14, forcing them into an overpriced fixed menu. We reveled in our post-Whole30 culinary freedom and left with rocking tummy aches that had me walking laps around our neighborhood park at 11pm, trying to calm the storm.

We laid in bed and cried (me, that is) over the Parenthood finale, because it reminds you that loving means you will inevitable feel hurt and loss. Bravermans, I will miss you.

We got all our paperwork in order for our taxes, because nothing is more romantic than fiscal responsibility.

We tried out a new place for brunch on Sunday, because if there is something more romantic than fiscal responsibility, it’s biscuits and butter that you didn’t have to wait for because you actually remembered to roll over groggily in bed Sunday morning and make brunch reservations before church.

We also had brunch with a friend on Valentine’s day itself, because this weekend shouldn’t just be about couples and boxes of chocolate. It should be about deep belly laughs with friends and Tex-mex brunch.

I went to Starbucks on Saturday afternoon and studied while James stayed at home and worked, because love without real-life responsibility is untried and shallow.

I covered the hallway with paper hearts that had things I love about him and he procured the my favorite roses. Because love means showing how you feel ever day of the year, but sometimes we forget and I’m glad we have this day to remind us.

We stayed in on Saturday night, eating on the couch while we burned through the latest X-Men movie and multiple episodes of Arrested Development. Because romance can mean laughing together, popping another bowl of popcorn and settling in in the quiet comfort of the home you have built together.

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! How did you celebrate?

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19 Responses to All the love for love day.

  1. I know this is supposed to be about Valentine’s Day, but I feel your pain when it comes to the Bravermans!!! Parenthood was such a good show πŸ™‚

  2. Maria says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  3. Ann says:

    You two have a talent when it comes to eating brunch! Really. We only talk about some day having bruch like some unattainable dream. The problem is that when you wake up at 5 am (yes, on weekends too and without no specific reason), by the time husband wakes up, I’m already at my second breakfast, and brunch is too late. It’s a tragedy. So Valentine’s day, like everyday, is also putting up with your spouses habits which make your life a litlle different from others. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, we bought a big pile of special buns from a coffee shop, took them home, and invited firends to share them.
    And just have to say that you look gorgeous in that pic. πŸ™‚

    • Hannah says:

      It is indeed our gift! But for real — it is usually my second breakfast. James has to get up super early all week, so he sleeps in really late on Saturday if possible. By the time he wakes up and eats “brunch” I have usually already had breakfast, run, cleaned, studied, and started laundry. We just love brunch food — at any time!

      But coffee shop buns — that sounds pretty wonderful too!

  4. tdowell says:

    Sounds like a perfect and very grown up Valentine’s Day. Anyone who does their Taxes on a holiday (New Years Day for me) is a winner in my book! πŸ™‚

    • Hannah says:

      They have to happen sometime!!! To be fair, we actually are filing next weekend, we just feel it’s good to spend the weekend before tracking down all the forms and papers, rather than sitting down to do them and realizing we are missing half of what we need… as has happened multiple times in the past!

  5. Jess says:

    I am currently making my way through Parenthood and there’s rarely an episode where I don’t have at least a tiny little tear in my eye.
    For Valetine’s Day, I went to a local Brazilian restaurant (a la Bridesmaids) with my good friend Amy and then one of our friends son (he’s four) was having a “Valentimes” party so we went over to his party. It was so stinkin’ cute. He gave a couple speeches. I was dying inside over cuteness overload.

    • Hannah says:

      It is SO GOOD. Ok, so a couple seasons in it gets a little too dramatic there for a while, but it all comes around again in one big emotional purge fest that I love so much. I did hear though that they don’t have the rights to use the theme song on Netflix so they had to change it and that made me super distraught.

      I think your Vday sounds pretty amazing! Food+ toddler speeches = perfection.

  6. Caroline Louise says:

    My husband and I went out to eat just the 2 of us. Which was a first since our sweet baby was born. We had a wonderful baby sitter and I only worried about how he was doing part of the time πŸ˜‰ I’ve also decided that we need to have brunch more often. Our favorite place for brunch in our little town was actually featured on the news last week in regards to the Chris Kyle trial that is going on. Its your typical country diner but those places are always the best for breakfast!

    • Hannah says:

      That sounds wonderful! Sometimes you need time away… even if you spend a lot of the time thinking about who you left! And diner brunch is soooooo good! We need a little more of that in DC — too many fancy places!

  7. Nina says:

    I LOVE your Kentucky braclet. Where did you find it?

  8. Nikki says:

    The second picture…that scarf, and the trench…its just perfection! You, the street, congratulations!

    I haven’t seen the last season of parenthood and I just don’t want to right now. That’d be accepting that it ends, and with rumors of Downton Abbey’s last season coming, I’m not ready!!

    • Hannah says:

      Thanks girl!

      Also, I am actually totally ok with Downton ending after another season. I heard that Maggie Smith is only signed up for one more and doesn’t plan to continue and the show just can’t exist without her!

      • Nikki says:

        I hadn’t heard that!! You’re exactly right! Without Maggie Smith, it just wouldn’t be right. The way things went down this last season, it does seem to be wrapping up, but I could see two more from here IF Maggie Smith is in them!

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