February snow.

Winter2014-2015-269 Winter2014-2015-272 Yesterday we had our first big snowstorm of the winter and that meant a snow day for the city! I actually work from home on Tuesdays, but I was still all like…Winter2014-2015-271 Winter2014-2015-273… and since James still needed to walk to his office he was all like …Winter2014-2015-264 … despite the fact that I sacrificially tromped through the snow alongside him in a show of support. Ok, so really I just wanted to play a while and throw fluffy white stuff in the air before cloistering myself inside to study, to which James was all …Winter2014-2015-270 … until I gave him this endearing facial expression…Winter2014-2015-267 … and he caved and let me have a snow throwing fest, party of one. Winter2014-2015-266 Winter2014-2015-268AND IT WAS MAGICAL, just like this city when it’s all coated in white. Despite his apparent lack of enthusiasm in these pictures, James actually did enjoy our snowy tromp across Capital Hill. How can you not? Everyone gets a little ridiculous with the first snow. Everyone was racing down the streets on sleds, building motley snowmen on sidewalks, and catching flakes on lashes and tongues. It won’t be this exciting if it’s still coming down in March, but for February, this snow was just right.Winter2014-2015-274 Winter2014-2015-275How about you all — who had snow days this week? I know that our measly 8 inches pales in comparison to Boston’s million feet or any winter survived by Laura Ingalls and co, but it was still wonderful enough to slow us down for a day. How have you been spending these snowy winter days?

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11 Responses to February snow.

  1. I’m surprised that the first big snow storm of the winter came in February! I thought DC was hit with snow storms more regularly, I guess.
    No snow here in my part of the Southwest. The day starts out 28 degrees and sunny, then tops out in the low 60’s. So quite a range, but sun, sun, and more sun.

  2. Anna Kate says:

    Haha, my entire county has been flipping out about a centimeter (Mississippi). šŸ™‚ Although the first bout, Monday, was ice. Pure ice. Just falling ice. That’s it. Which is more dangerous than pretty. Thankfully last night we had a full on blizzard for a couple of hours so we’re satisfied.

  3. Jess says:

    It is wild to see your & Fran’s pictures of snow because here in Idaho, spring has sprung early! It’s been about 50 degrees and sunny every day! I am loving it. Idaho weather is so bonkers though, so there’s a good choice that it could snow in a couple weeks, but for now I’m loving this sunshine.

    • Hannah says:

      I always get nervous when spring comes early. One year it did here and all the cherry blossoms bloomed…. and then a hard frost came and the city was full of dead flowers. Saddest spring ever. : (

  4. Danielle says:

    I’m from San Diego… We don’t believe in snow. Or winter.

    • Hannah says:

      Ah yes… those parts of the country without all the seasons. Sometimes I envy you, as I’m sure I shall in March, when everything here is cold and dead. But for this first snow I am still reveling.

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