It doesn’t get easier.

James: “If you could go back in time, what would you do?”

Hannah:  “I think it would be cool to hang out with my parents before they had kids.”

“Wait- what? Seriously?”

“No wait- I want to go to their wedding, and my grandparents’ wedding, and their parents’ wedding, and –“


“Well what would you do?”

“Kill Hitler.”

“Oh. Well I didn’t know that we could do that. I thought we had to do things in the realm of possibility.”

“Hannah. It’s time travel. You seriously do not understand how this works.”

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It doesn’t get easier, saying goodbye to him, even though we have done it so, so, so many times before.

It doesn’t get easier, saying goodbye to him, even though I will see him again in one month, and it will be in Italy, and we will be on an adventure.

It doesn’t get easier, saying goodbye to him, even though we have had the best past week of dates — like convenience store ice cream cones and grocery shopping.

It doesn’t get easier, saying goodbye to him, even when I am getting to go to one of my favorite cities.

And I guess I would be sad if it did get easier.

PS: Not sure what time and internet will look like for blog posts over the next six weeks, but you can be sure I will be overgramming up a storm. Follow along @hannahkatherinew I can promise alllllll sorts of gratuitous pastry shots .

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3 Responses to It doesn’t get easier.

  1. I’m going on 4 years of marriage while living in separate states (minus a 9 month stint where we actually lived IN THE SAME HOUSE!) and despite ten million goodbyes, it never really gets easier.

    Hope Italy is wonderful!

    • Hannah says:

      4 years of goodbyes??? So long! I hope that you all finally get to live in the same spot sometime!!!

      • This December we’ll finally be in the same state, which, to be honest, is kind of a bitter sweet thing. Of course I’m excited to, you know, live with my sweetheart full time. But we are both giving up so many awesome and wonderful things/experiences/people/friends to do so, and that is making the transition really hard (for me). Sigh. Adulting is the worst.


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