Paris: Taking Stock

Paris-10 Paris-11 Paris-12Paris-13 Paris-14 Paris-15Paris-16 Paris-17Paris-19Paris-20Paris-21 Paris-18Making : plans for the group of students I have arriving on Friday.
Cooking : soft boiled eggs over spinach creamed with goat cheese – my favorite French meal, and one I ate for dinner every night for several weeks when my paper work was messed up and I didn’t get paid for months.
Drinking : as much chocolat viennois (straight up melted chocolate mixed with cream and served with fresh whipped cream)  as I can get my hands on.
Reading: The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry for fun, Language and Silence for my dissertation, Pardon my French because I love reading books about the French while in France, and All the Light we Cannot See on audiobook when I take long walks around Paris.
Wanting: all of my students’ flights to be on-time Friday morning so that I can get started taking them around Paris.
Looking: out the window of the apartment where I am staying, across the garden to the sloped Parisian rooftops and rows of chimneys.
Playing: classical music on the radio.
Wasting: the end of the baguette I bought last night, as it’s already stale and I just don’t understand the saving of stale baguettes.
Sewing: still no, forever no.
Wishing: that I could keep plants alive, because Paris courtyards always inspire me to take up urban gardening.
Enjoying: these couple lazy days in Paris without an agenda before my students arrive and it becomes work, albeit fun work.
Waiting: to be reunited with James.
Liking: walking everywhere instead of taking the metro so I can get the most out of the city.
Wondering: how I can stream The Bachelorette while I’m over here, because I am sure that this will be THE MOST DRAMATIC SEASON YET, right Chris H? (#teamKaitlyn forever and ever)
Loving: sketching again, soaking up hours in the museums with charcoal in my hands.
Hoping: that I can continue a perfect streak of eating a croque madame every day this week for lunch.
Marveling: at the new streets and sites I still find to fall in love with in this city where I have already explored so much.
Needing: to maybe invest some stomach space in some veggies after this week’s impressive croque madame and chocolat viennois run.
Wearing: variations on almost the same outfit – thank you carry-on suitcase for 5 1/2 weeks!
Following: different streets around Paris every day, ignoring the map and going where they take me.
Noticing: how easy it is to get ready when all your outfits are a variation on the same thing.
Knowing:  that this might be the last time in a long while that I get to be in Paris like this, carefree and open to anything.
Thinking: about how sad that is, because I love this place so much, and yet how it also means that I am deeply and happily rooted in a life elsewhere.
Feeling: thankful for a job and career that will allow stolen moments back here from time to time.
Bookmarking: things to do around Montpellier, where I will be coordinating my students’ study abroad outings for three weeks starting Sunday.

What about you all — anyone else taken stock lately?

Photos: kouignettes of all flavors / boulangerie window in Montmartre / La Maison Rose café on the backside of Montmartre / beside Moulin de la Galette where Renoir painted this / peonies everywhere / pretty street / the apartment stairs that made me thankful I only packed a carry-on sized suitcase / buildings near Bourse / rue Crémieux (all three pretty colorful house pics / subtle primary color bike shot

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14 Responses to Paris: Taking Stock

  1. austinschneider88 says:

    Your photos are just beautiful. Love “taking stock” updates, especially a Paris edition!

  2. Kate Jones says:

    When I lived in Germany, in order to watch the Bachelorette, I downloaded ZenMate–a free VPN on Google Chrome. You just change your location to the US, and voilà!

  3. kateawheatley says:

    Wait. What are you smelling? 👃🏻 as I’ve never been to Paris, I want to know (insert Eiffel Tower emoji here)

    • Hannah says:

      Did I leave off smelling? Oops! Actually… Paris is many things, but sweet smelling is emphatically NOT one of them. Sweat, urine, smoke… that’s kind of the typical smell. Not really ideal!

  4. Laura says:

    Keep the Paris photos coming! That city is so beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous photos! So glad that you are enjoying your city.

  6. Janina says:

    Love your photos as always. So beautiful! And I esp. love your “Knowing” “Thinking” and “Feeling”, because that is exactly how I feel about my Trips to KY and TX to visit my Hostfamily for 15 years. Enjoy your time in Paris! And can’t wait to hear what you think of Germany 🙂

    • Hannah says:

      KY is the best!!!! And believe me… there will be a total binge of Germany posts! I’m pretty excited for the week we get to spend there!

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