Let’s start at the very beginning– a very good place to start. When you read you begin with “a,b,c.”

When you visit Salzburg, you begin by skipping at full speed through the exact arbor where Maria imparted the joys of singing to those stodgy Von Trapps. SalzburgNext, swing by a perfect café so that your cream-colored husband can have some crisp apple strudel. Germany-86 Germany-87Why yes, these are pretty much ALL OF MY FAVORITE THINGS. Germany-89 Germany-91 Even though it might (will) rain almost the entire time you are in Salzburg, just remember to have confidence in sunshine, have confidence in rain, have confidence that that rain will keep tourist numbers low and let you explore all those pretty streets and colorful buildings with minimal interference.Germany-93 Germany-95 How do you solve a problem like empty wall space? WITH GIANT HORSE MURALS. I might be 27 going on 28, and I know that I’m naive, but I will never stop geeking out over horses and thinking that someday everyone will think they are cool.Germany-97 Germany-101[We interrupt the Sound of Music fangirling to recognize that a couple other notable people lived in Salzburg. Like Mozart. Now then. Back to our previously scheduled witty referencing of lyrics and too many photos.] Germany-102 Germany-104 That man. Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.Germany-109Ok, Sound of Music or not, the above is TERRIBLE a relationship philosophy. But whatever. Nazis were coming and there were lots of bold statements flying about. Plus, let’s be real: I always fast-forwarded past that song anyways, as it was pretty boring.  Germany-112 We did indeed climb every mountain for these views… and by every, I mean one. And it was more of a hill…but then it came ALIVE WITH THE SOUNDS OF MUSIC, as every bell in the valley started tolling and the organ in the fortress started playing through the window. Germany-114 Germany-115 James, wishing he had some bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens…or maybe just for his wife to stop taking photos. Germany-117 Germany-121 And the day was filled with song. Like when I spotted ANY flower, and would promptly burst into a very unappreciated rendition of “Edelweiss,” or when I noticed on the way back to the train station that these famous steps were empty (given the fact that it was pouring cold rain) and I seized the moment for an entire solo performance of “Do, Re, Mi.” Germany-133 See? Nailed it.steps


  • Took the RVO bus from Berchtesgaden to Salzburg, as it is only 45 minutes. We used the Bayern pass for the day, taking the train back to Munich that evening. The pass doesn’t work for getting around Salzburg, but it was pretty small so we just walked everywhere.
  • Did another Rick Steves [free! iphone!] walking tour to take in a lot of the city.
  • Hiked up to the Fortress and ended up spending a lot of time up there exploring, partially due to the shelter it offered from the rain. Also, free wifi.
  • Made lots of snack breaks in Salzburg’s adorable cafés and restaurants.

(Are you so ready for these trip recaps to be over? I promise- only like 50 more. Or 2. But maybe 50.)

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10 Responses to Salzburg!

  1. Maisy says:

    I love the way you started this post!

  2. Keep ’em coming, I say! (And I still also say when Rick Steves retires, step up to the plate!) 🙂

  3. Maria says:

    I love all ur posts…. Keep ’em coming!! Thanks!!

  4. Ashley B. says:

    Salzburg is my MOST favorite place! I believe our Christmas card that year was my brother and I posing awkwardly in the glass gazebo! So glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!!

  5. I love the Sound of Music references!! Now I’ll be singing those songs in my head. And if the people in my office are really lucky, a few lyrics will be sang out loud. Or at least hummed.

    Lovely photos, as usual!

  6. Katie says:

    Please don’t ever stop with the Sound of Music references. I LOVE that movie. My husband HATES it, so naturally I reference/sing it as much as possible.

  7. Angie says:

    Okay – this was my favorite travel post ever! I giggled all the way through the Sound of Music references!

  8. Oh I enjoyed this one so much!!

  9. E.H says:

    I have insisted that of all the places in Europe, Scott MUST take me here. Psst. I always fast-forwarded that “mushy-philosophically strange -love song,” too!

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