I realize that this post is not exactly seasonally appropriate, as this was an Easter shoot marking 6 months of Clara’s life.  But honestly, does anyone really object to seeing babies in bunny ears, even when Easter is past? No. And so, even as she is getting close to one-year, here are Clara’s six month shots.ClaraMauro-5 ClaraMauro-13 ClaraMauro-18 ClaraMauro-55 ClaraMauro-65 ClaraMauro-72 ClaraMauro-73 ClaraMauro-82 ClaraMauro-85

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5 Responses to Clara

  1. Such a beautiful baby!! 🙂

  2. No objections whatsoever 🙂

  3. Dana says:

    ANYONE who objects to seeing babies in bunny ears, at ANY time of the year, is in serious need of inner healing… maybe salvation… at least a glass of Prosecco!! LOL!!!

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