One-Day Adventure.

This weekend James and I started working on updating our adventure wall, adding pictures from Italy and Germany to the ones already hanging from other places we have traveled and loved. And before you go getting any grand ideas about our many lofty travels, you should know that this wall includes a photo from Pittsburgh.

While we obviously loved our European adventure this summer, we are also strong believers in the one-day adventure, the no-hotel-needed day-trip, the discovery of things not too far from our own backyard (which in our case, is a trash alley). Even though I am not so spontaneous, I do like when we can plan a trip that involves very little planning, at least not beyond deciding a list of things we want to eat. Because, #priorities. So on Saturday, to continue the birthday shenanigans, we went on a little one-day adventure.

And now, from the blog that brought you “How to throw an Easter Brunch in 15 Easy Steps,” I give you “How to Have a One-Day Adventure in 15 Easy Steps.”

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  1. Select a destination within a 2 hour driving radius. Selections should be based entirely on Instragram stalking and/or Google image searches. Our search landed us in Saint Michael’s MD, home of pretty colorful houses and quaint shops.
  2. Make a plan by consulting Reputable Sources. In my case, that always means the Washingtonian and some quick texts to friends.
  3. Download podcasts for the trip.
  4. Oversleep. Decide not to care. Get on the road at least an hour later than intended, but well rested.
  5. Get a Starbucks beverage. Not that healthy iced coffee with a dash of coconut milk that you’ve been drinking lately to cut out your sugar — a really frothy treat. Go for that salted caramel mocha that tastes impossibly good. If you haven’t had breakfast, get yourself those chicken biscuits from Chick-Fil-A because they are all that is tastiest in this universe.
  6. Rock out to this song at least 3 times. Sing along with TSwift. Revel in the trip.
  7. Make sure that your first stop at your destination is food oriented, but not too heavy, as you don’t want to be out of commission for the day’s explorations. We opted for taco’s at Gina’s on last weekend’s adventure and I am still thinking about that shrimp-sprout-goat-cheese-chipotle-mayo taco.
  8. After feeding, take some time to wander and explore. Staring in people’s windows in encouraged. Photographing their shrubberies and snazzy crab door knockers  is definitely encouraged. Unless you are James, and then the activities above cause you to do a lot of nervous shuffling.
  9. Have one destination/activity that you have really pre-planned and looked forward to, just to give the day some structure and separate it as much as possible from Real Life. Ours was high tea at the Inn at Perry Cabin.
  10. When you arrive at said classy destination, park wayyyyyy in the back, so that your Kia Rondo is hidden in the sea of luxury SUVs and sports cars. Pretend that you are worthy of said classy destination and stroll about, taking in croquet fields and greenhouses like the are your every weekend destination, rather than the truth, which involves sweat pants and Saturday Night Lights marathons.
  11. Be mentally prepared for the unexpected. You might stroll out to the gazebo on the bay after tea, only to have a DELUGE start, dripping you where you stand inside the gazebo within seconds. You might notice that the bay has risen and flooded the whole plain around the gazebo, forcing you to flee through the mud and water to avoid being stranded indefinitely. Ignore the gaze of the swanky Inn guests just arrived for a wedding as you slip through the reception area, dripping water everywhere.
  12. Be prepared to change plans if they suddenly look less fun. Like, if you get drenched and are too soggy to do much of anything, just go get massive banana splits. Never mind that you just ate an hour again- there is always room for a little something. And by a little something, I mean a big old three scoop split.
  13. When the day must end, drive home to a finally clearing sky.
  14. Change out of your soggy pants when you get home and get excited that yes, there is still time left in your day for sweat pants and Panther football.
  15. Know that adventures don’t need far off destinations, ample budgets, or exotic plans. Sometimes it’s the one-day, relatively local, gluttonous, soggy trips that are the sweetest.
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6 Responses to One-Day Adventure.

  1. Raewyn says:

    Thank you SO much for introducing me to Griffin House – love that song, and I have explored and found more of him. Wonderful 🙂

  2. E.H says:

    I LOVE these pictures. I also am enjoying the song! 😀

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