Everly and her parents.

Tis the season!

Obviously not the Christmas season, as good gracious we aren’t even through Thanksgiving and I like my pumpkins and mistletoe separate and distinct, thank you very much. I sat in Starbucks today listening to Christmas music and drinking from my red cup wondering, how did we get here again so fast?

But the holidays are a-coming, and now is the time when we have to start getting things accomplished to get ready, with Christmas cards being at the forefront. I have been blazing through family shoots recently as people start thinking about what picture will grace the fridge of their loved ones. I think that James is secretly hoping that as long as I stay busy with other people’s photos, I will forget our own and he will get out of his much-hated Christmas card ritual. Not so, husband dear.

A couple weeks ago, I did photos for Everly and her parents, which is always fun since I have been able to document my dear friend Christine’s journey through engagement, marriage, pregnancy, newborn life, and a growing child. Love looking at those smiling faces and watching one of my very first college friends from freshman year grow ever more into her roles as wife and mother!Kreinbihl2015-1 Kreinbihl2015-8 Kreinbihl2015-14 Kreinbihl2015-15 Kreinbihl2015-17 Kreinbihl2015-22 Kreinbihlparents Kreinbihl2015-36 Kreinbihl2015-43 Kreinbihl2015-44 Kreinbihl2015-49 Kreinbihl2015-52 Kreinbihl2015-70 Kreinbihl2015-92 Kreinbihl2015-96 Kreinbihl2015-100PS: I posted a while back on Christine’s blog about picking clothes for a family shoot. Check it out if you are getting ready for yours! Christine also shared outfit details (and some more pics!) from this shoot here.

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