Taking Stock

takingstockMaking : Slow but steady progress on the first chapter of my dissertation. (30 pages! Only a million more to go!)
Cooking : Tomato soup and grilled cheese, as its become a weekend tradition that I look forward to.
Drinking : Frothy iced coffee drinks that I should be ashamed of… but once I passed that glucose test, I was all “BOTTOMS UP!”
Reading: Books about shifting perceptions of gender in nineteenth century French novels and Emily Oster’s Expecting Better. Still trying to at least read ONE book before this baby comes.
Wanting: To just read this month’s Real Simple that sits alone and neglected on the counter.
Looking: Through photos from the wedding I photographed Saturday – my last wedding for the foreseeable future!
Playing:  A shamefully good dystopian teen fiction audiobook about fairy tales, cyborgs, and true love amongst high schoolers – who are also trying to save the world from the plague.
Wasting: Money, as I caved and turned the heat back on this morning because it just got too cold over the weekend.
Sewing: The tiny tear in James’ pants… from 4 months ago.
Wishing: That Ben had picked JoJo, because I just love her so much. Then I remind myself that now we get her as the Bachelorette, so I guess this is still a win.
Enjoying: The fact that Capitol Hill has spring recess this week, so I might actually get to eat dinner with my husband a couple nights.
Waiting: For some divine moment of inspiration where I suddenly have decision skills about anything that should go in our nursery. Kid, you might just have to content yourself with a dresser, because that’s all we got.
Liking: These sandals. Pretty sure footwear will be the only realm where I can get excited about clothing this summer, so I might break my long hatred of sandals and give these a try.
Wondering: If I am hardy of heart enough to brave the Tidal Basin to see the cherry blossoms that are blooming crazy early this year.
Loving: Avocado toast – all day, erry day. Topped with a pathetically poached egg (PLEASE TEACH ME YOUR WAYS, YE PEOPLE WHO SUCCESSFULLY POACH EGGS!).
Hoping: That the dentist doesn’t notice on Thursday that I gave up flossing months weeks ago.
Marveling: At the crazy kicks that rock my insides over and over throughout the day.
Needing: Reese’s Easter Eggs. Ok fine – maybe not needing. But at least craving.
Wearing: All the amazing maternity hand-me-downs that have poured in from awesome women in my life. Between those and some amazing gift card purchases, I am loving my elastic-waisted, flowy-shirted wardrobe and spent nary a penny.
Following: The two strands of March Madness filling the nation- basketball, and presidential primaries.
Noticing: That every year I can’t help but get giddy for spring, even if winter was good, short, and mild.
Knowing: That this spring will fly by and before we know it- summer will be here with this baby and all sorts of big changes.
Thinking:  That we aren’t ready at all.
Feeling: That no one ever is.
Bookmarking: Things to do/eat in New York when James and I go next month for a little mini babymoon. The original plan was somewhere far south and warm, but I got scared off by Zika, so we are just going to go chill in the city and eat all the things.

I’ve been really apathetic about blogging lately, but I always love the exercise of stopping to think through the little things filling our lives.

Happy first week of spring!

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12 Responses to Taking Stock

  1. Nancy Hankel says:

    I have made many a poached egg using this tutorial from Smitten Kitchen: http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2008/08/how-to-poach-an-egg-smitten-kitchen-style/

  2. Lawson Stone says:

    Your daddy will show you how to poach an egg next time we are in the same kitchen. Not so hard, really. A secret: a tiny dash of vinegar in the water will help the white hold together.

    • Hannah says:

      Maybe your job when the baby comes this summer can be “official egg poacher for the sleep deprived new mother.” Yes… I like the sound of that…

  3. Tianna Black says:

    Would the shamefully good dystopian teen fiction be Cinder by Marissa Meyer?! I LOVE that series!

  4. Jennette says:

    Kegan has been poaching all the eggs lately. He said he learned from an Alton Brown recipe.

  5. Emily Cook says:

    You need one of these! http://goo.gl/K5k7tQ Reasons… 1) cutest little egg pan your kitchen will ever see 2) less water to boil 3) less pan to clean up 4) so easy! just boil a little water, melt a dab of butter, crack the egg, top with the lid, wait a few minutes, POACHED PERFECTION 🙂

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