Spring 2016-98A lot of celebrations are happening around here, starting with this past weekend. I have showers to throw or attend for three weekends in a row, and I can’t imagine anything better. Yes, it means lots of baking and eschewing healthy eating — which might have had me leaning over the toilet at midnight last night, pretending it was morning sickness when really it was just a lack of self restraint when it comes to Easter candy and Cosco mac-n-cheese — but it also means concentrated time spent with people I love, celebrating all the milestones of life.

The first celebration of the weekend was a shower for my soon-to-be sister Liz down in Charlottesville. I could not be more pumped about her wedding. And everyone else could not be more stressed about me being in the wedding, as my due date is… shall we say… not exactly long after I will be walking down the aisle to stand beside her. But! I routinely remind baby boy that he needs to come out two weeks early, or stay put until his due date, OR ELSE. In the meantime, I love getting to take part in all the pre-wedding festivities. My other SIL and I spent Friday night baking up a storm (because obviously it made sense to put off all cooking until 9 o’clock the night before), before the shower. Somehow a huge portion of our friend group has all moved within a couple blocks of each other on the eastern side of Capitol Hill, and our baking night turned into an open house of all our people chilling around the living room while we threw together quiches and fancy finger foods. Saturday morning, it was up bright and early to head to Charlottesville, with a necessary detour to Chick-fil-a for no fewer than 20 chicken minis. Here are a couple pics from the classy shower.

Lizshower Spring 2016-102 Spring 2016-103BUNTING AND MIMOSAS. The very best things. I’m pretty sure that some people might think it strange to hear me declare that bunting one of the best DIY investments I have ever done, but it is. Truly a versatile decoration. Spring 2016-104 Spring 2016-105SISTERS. I HAVE SISTERS.  Spring 2016-109And of course, the couple who chambrays together, stays together. Spring 2016-111Saturday night we headed back to DC to get ready for our traditional early morning Easter breakfast. This meant setting out my monkey bread to rise and switching the chalkboard to say “HE IS RISEN!” instead of “MIMOSA BAR!,” though to be fair, somehow the two phrases do seem to get conflated pretty frequently on Easter Sunday.  Spring 2016-112 Spring 2016-113 Spring 2016-114 Spring 2016-115I don’t have pictures of church, the best part of Easter Sunday, as we celebrate the miracle of the resurrection with all the best hymns that have me fist pumping in church in a manner that makes James just a tad embarrassed. But if you can’t fist pump for Jesus beating death, than good heavens when can you?

Happy Easter all! I hope your weekend was full of celebrating the most important things with the most important people. I know that this post is mostly the lighthearted side of Easter weekend celebrations, but I would encourage you to go read Erin’s post about Easter that perfectly hits at the beautiful and often missed truth of Easter.

[PS: Unrelated side story: I slipped out in the middle of church on Sunday to go to the bathroom because pregnant women basically go every .2 seconds. On my way back in I passed a table with some decorations and what I assumed were candy eggs. They were not. To anyone who happened to see the pregnant women trying to eat the decorative plastic eggs in the middle of church, thank you for looking the other way and leaving her some dignity.]

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10 Responses to Celebrations.

  1. The level of Springiness in this post is infectious, like a good disease, not, you know, one with unsightly boils or anything….Imma stop now. Ahem. #awkward


  2. Barbara Stephens says:

    Just love the read your post Hannah. Your enthusiasm for life and the Lord are such an important part of who you are. I pray that stays with you through out your life. Your new little child will be a blessing beyond compare.
    Give your fantastic brothers our best regards.
    Love to all the Stone family and to the add one as well!!! Barbara Stephens.

  3. Anne says:

    Sounds like you had a great time 🙂 and a lot of pastry like we had, mhm :)) it’s so pleasing to bless people with something you loved creating!
    PS: I had to laugh loudly because of my imagination of you trying to eat the decoration 😀 it’s tricky with these things, I understand … especially if there’s appetite rising in the midst of the service.

  4. Ashley Smith says:

    Fist pump!

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