Henry goes to Kentucky!

Last week Henry and I headed to Kentucky to spend some quality time with my family. My mom spent two weeks with us after Henry was born, but my dad and grandparents only got to see him at the wedding, and that just wasn’t enough time. He won’t be as wonderfully squishy by the time I make it home for Christmas, and I just couldn’t handle the idea that some of my nearest and dearest would miss out on these perfect newborn snuggles.

So! We said goodbye to James and Henry and I headed west for a week.

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Behold, an ideal spot to chill with a newborn for 6 hours, while they decide to not nap so much. SAID NO ONE EVER.

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I did not actually get to read much of that book, but at least I have a picture to show that I tried.

I imagine that flying with a 7 week old is probably way easier than flying with a baby any older. They are still in the “potted plant stage,” to quote a lady from my church, where they may scream – but they can’t move. Henry was truly awesome during both flights, which was a miracle, considering our flight was delayed for 6 HOURS on the way there. Dealing with a baby by myself in an airport for an extra 6 hours was not exactly something that I was planning to do, but we survived. And at the other end of survival, was Kentucky — the best place there is.

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Totally made my dad pull over on the way home from the airport so I could hop out and snap this pic. Yes, Henry started crying in the backseat, but I’m pretty sure he was still impressed.

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All the heart eyes for fields of flowers and dirt roads.

I mean really, so beautiful. I’m sure that Henry was way more touched by his mother’s homeland than he let on. In fact, it is probably what he was considering during an especially pensive tummy time session one morning.

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Ah yes, finding a way to phone it in during exercising. Truly, he is my son.

Lest you think that Henry was the only one working out to strengthen his muscles, I celebrated extra hands on deck by getting in some runs – my first since 34 weeks pregnant. Unless you count the desperate jog I went on to try to induce labor at 38 weeks. I think that every person in Lincoln Park held their breath as I jiggled my pregnant self around in laps, nobly trying to move things along.

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My first run was up and down this driveway enough times to get to a mile, all so I could run while playing chicken with Henry’s nap. Gotta start somewhere.

Henry spent most of the week in the arms of his adoring public, specifically my dad and grandmother. He slept almost exclusively in someone’s arms all week… which made nighttime really fun when mean old mom made him go to sleep in the Rock n’Play.

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“One does not simple go to sleep. One must first refuse at length and demand all sorts of favors.” -Henry, the tiny [AND FREAKING ADORABLE] tyrant.

But even if we undid some of the awesome sleep habits that we have been cultivating, it was totally worth it. Henry isn’t going to get to know my beloved grandparents like I do, but I hope that someday I can tell him about the hours he spent in his great grandmother’s arms. I want to tell him how she would just stroke his tiny hands over and over, marveling at their perfection. At how she said that she had never gotten as much time to just study a baby. At how she got out of the pool early just to gaze at him in the shade. This visit was just part of cultivating the circle of love that will wrap around our boy all his days.

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Multi-generational snuggles!

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Don’t let his face fool you – Henry LOVED my dad and would pretty much fall asleep and snuggle instantly into his neck. This face is surely directed at me for disrupting his nap for a photo.

Kentucky, you were good to us. Till next time!

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4 Responses to Henry goes to Kentucky!

  1. Les says:

    I am just squealing over him!

  2. WomanLoved says:

    Your son really is gorgeous.

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