The best of the best.

Summer2016-88Summer2016-91Summer2016-92Summer2016-94Summer2016-97This past weekend we celebrated James’ birthday with all the best things and in all the best ways.

And by that I mean giant piles of those cheap ice cream sandwiches wrapped in white paper and a store-bought ice cream cake onto which we squeezed 29 candles. I gleefully got Henry in an outfit that matched James’ shirt and we grilled out with a bunch of friends. There were no decorations, I did not make any food, and that was a very good idea. We felt like champion parents because Henry went to bed at the house where we were hosting the party without a problem, and then we managed to get him home and put him back to bed without waking him up. Happy birthday James, that’s your real gift.

There is no way I could ever express how good a father this man is. Watching him with Henry makes me so happy that we chose each other, that he will be the dad to all my babies, and it also makes me wonder how on earth we got here, celebrating the last birthday of our 20’s with a baby asleep upstairs.

Happy birthday husband. You’re the best of the best.

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2 Responses to The best of the best.

  1. Sounds like a great birthday! Love the family picture!

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