The 3 of us.

usthreeBecause I don’t want to forget the little details of how things are right now.

James // Excited that baseball season is upon us, though that excitement is tempered by the annual anxiety over how the Pirates will do. Started watching Walking Dead without me, but stopped because he knows I kind of love zombies. Is on Easter recess, so he gets to be home in time for dinner and evening walks. Reads books with Henry most mornings before work while I curl my hair. Teaches him about classic rock on the weekends. Keeps on ordering burgers from UberEats, even though they aren’t good delivery food because the bun gets soggy. Takes good care of us all.

Hannah // Finally writing the introduction to her dissertation, after having finished most of chapters 1-4. Learning how to multitask less and focus more. Alternates between playing Hamilton or Ingrid Michaelson around the house, and NPR in the car, but will switch to country as it gets warm. Isn’t sleeping well, but can’t blame Henry. Loves planning outings with our friends around this city. Can’t wait for summer. Enjoys teaching French literature again after a couple years of teaching mostly language. Totally understands why moms decide to stay home.

Henry// Makes noises constantly, mostly lip buzzing, growling, and fart noises. Wears out one knee of all his pants because of how he crawls. Loves presenting us with random objects, held high above his head for our approval. Contorts his body and flips during every diaper change. Cherishes the TV remote above all other objects.  Devours chili and beef stew. Can spend entire park visits playing with the wheels and straps on his stroller. Eats more graham crackers than any of the other babies at Sunday school. Loves nothing more than when he has both parents with him.

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2 Responses to The 3 of us.

  1. My toddler always eats twice as many goldfish as any over kid at church. I always want to say ” promise I feed him!!”. I think it’s because they are a nolvaty he never gets at home lol!

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