Easter things.

Spring2017-105Happy several-days-late Easter!

We usually celebrate Easter with much fanfare and brunching galore (like here and here), but this year we had a little bit less fanfare, though we still served piles of Easter Monkey Bread. The run up to the holiday was exhausting this year, as Henry has had a cold on and off for months that finally morphed into a terrible cough that rattled and kept him up half the night. Last week was a week of lots of 3 am rocking and not so many full nights sleep. On Saturday morning, he tried to climb a dresser with his mouth and I woke to James urging me to come quickly because his mouth is gushing blood. The blood eventually stopped, but by afternoon our baby boy was covered in a rash as a result of the medicine he had started the day before to help with the cough. There was lots of stressing and talking on the phone with the doctor… and not a lot of Easter basket prep or decorating. I did slip out under cover of darkness to hack off some local foliage for a centerpiece, but that was about it. Tired eyes, weary parents, and candy eaten straight from the bag instead of a festive basket – behold, Easter morning.

But those are the days and weeks that make us love the promises of Easter all the more, the days that make us yearn for restored bodies and rested souls. The days where the hope of He is risen! and the empty tomb come as especially good news.

Plus, we did rally for some pretty swanky Easter garb for church.

Spring2017-78Spring2017-79Spring2017-84MY BOYS IN BOWTIES. This is everything I have always wanted and more.Spring2017-80Spring2017-82Spring2017-87But lest you think that Henry is nothing but smiles…Spring2017-88Bam. The best grumpy face there is. And one that we are treated every time we dare to imply that the fireplace is not a fun zone or that the cleaning supplies cabinet is not a treasure chest of snacks.  Spring2017-89Spring2017-91Spring2017-92We do a lot of waving these days, as he is into greeting and delivering farewells to all he encounters. Spring2017-97Gosh I love these two. Spring2017-103

My mom is here this week, Henry is on the mend, and I have almost polished off the Easter candy so I can go back to eating healthy. Easter weekend delivered lots of little hopes and reminders of the biggest ones.

He is risen indeed.

PS: Some favorite Easter quotes here and the best poem here.


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5 Responses to Easter things.

  1. J.R. Baldwin says:

    I’m not sure what you typed because YOUR HAIR is so fantastic. Happy Easter season!

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  3. Indeed. And one more snippet of a poem that flamed up in my heart today:
    “Let him Easter in us, be a dayspring to
    The dimness of us,
    Be a crimson-created east.”
    (G.M. Hopkins, Wreck of the Deutschland)

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