One last Charlottesville visit.

Summer2017-52We have been heading south to Charlottesville a couple times a year almost the entire time I have lived in DC. My older brother is working on a PhD at UVA. It is a great getaway from DC that has excellent food, the latter being my main goal in all travel. When Zach started dating his now-wife, we had double reasons to visit, because we absolutely adore Liz.  They are moving to Sweden in September, ending a magical 5 year period where both of my brothers lived within close proximity – one three blocks away, and the other less than three hours. Our summers are all busy with travel, so we decided we needed one last visit to Charlottesville before they left so we could…Summer2017-1Summer2017-2EAT AT BRAZOS TACOS. I mean see them. I mean both. I don’t have a picture of our actual tacos, as they were consumed in haste so we could get back in the car and get that cool dude to fall asleep before he melted down, but trust me: they are the best. We get them every time we come and they never get old, especially the breakfast tacos.Summer2017-3Summer2017-4Summer2017-6Summer2017-7Summer2017-10We also spent a couple hours at Veritas Vineyard, because vineyards are perfect places for loud and drooly people who struggle with personal boundaries and like to roll in the grass. Also for toddlers. Henry just crawled around in the grass chasing his toy ball and wreaking havoc and no one cared. Summer2017-13Y’all, this is the inaugural wearing of my very first pair of white jeans and I was absolutely terrified the entire time about getting stuff on them. Teach me your ways, oh white jean wearers. Summer2017-16Summer2017-20Summer2017-25Summer2017-39Summer2017-43Summer2017-50Uncle Zach spent a lot of time kicking the ball, letting Henry chase it, and kicking it away at the very last second. Which Henry thought was THE BEST THING EVER. Summer2017-51This double swing. Whhhhyyyyyyyy is there not one in every park? Summer2017-47We will miss those two so much next year! Also the tacos. But mostly them!


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3 Responses to One last Charlottesville visit.

  1. Elizaberh says:

    If someone does teach you their white-jean wearing ways, please do share. StitchFix just sent me my first pair, and they are great jeans, but I am similarly terrified.

  2. kaschellman says:

    Brazos is the best! We’ve lived in Charlottesville for the last year, and the food is probably the very best part. Also the walkability. I spent most of September through December with a little lump bundled up on my chest as I walked around the whole dang place and visited every coffee shop I could find!

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