Some things.

Somehow it is only Thursday, but as I am thoroughly convinced that it should be Friday, I’m tossing up a bunch of links for your weekend reading. James had a crazy work week, Henry got a nasty cold on top of 4 straight days of a low-grade fever from his one-year vaccines, and I have somehow had to do a million little things that take lots of time but feel frustratingly unproductive. So. Not our most relaxing week. Still, it has been punctuated with way more snuggles than my usually active boy allows, so I don’t totally mind. Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetI’m sure you have heard that avocado toast is the reason young people aren’t buying homes, but apparently the culprit is also hip coffee shops with milk crate seats.

I’ve been on the hunt for a new place to get cute, good quality, inexpensive toddler clothes, and PEOPLE: This is it.

Most frequently misspelled words for each state. Of course, if the Internet was a state, its most misspelled word would be “you’re” which is NOT THE SAME THING AS “YOUR.” I  keep track of people on Instagram who I have never seen use the correct one… which maybe just means the whole language is changing?

These are the words that I need to hear on a regular basis: “Church is not something we do—it’s who we are to each other and to a watching world that doesn’t need one more Christian pretending that everything is fine.”

I know I’m late to the game, but POLDARK. So obsessed. Nothing I love as much as angsty British drama interspersed with panoramas of horseback rides along the coast of Cornwall. In fact, sometimes I just imagine trips to Cornwall and cruise Airbnb’s (like this one) because if there is one thing I love, it is researching trips that I’m not actually taking.

At the encouragement of my constantly-white-clothing-wearing friend Christine, I took the plunge and got these white jeans (which are on sale every 2 minutes because LOFT), that I shared here. They are pretty amazing, not completely see-through, perfectly stretchy, and forgiving for us wide-hipped ladies.

My cousin visited recently and she is a neurologist, so of course I made her analyze everything Henry does to tell me if his brain is developing correctly. She told me that quite possibly the best thing I can do is to not protect him too much, and to eat a little dirt in hopes that it might prevent against later developing autoimmune diseases. (Kind of like the underground worm selling network .)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

These two articles popped up back to back in my newsfeed the other day, and I really appreciated reading two entirely different articles that tied back to women keeping house: Making marriages tidy and why you shouldn’t have to ask.

I’m kind of in a cooking rut, but this looks like the perfect easy and simple dish to mix up my rotation.

Everyone is wearing tassels and usually I am not a fan. I am not one for froo-froo jewelry, beaded things, and too many pastels. But, a friend was wearing these the other day and I snagged some with a giftcard. The perfect “neutral” tassel option!

A friend shared this article that his wife wrote on their journey with infertility, and I cried reading it, thinking of all the people we know who have walked this hard road. Children are a gift, and the words and pictures helped me visualize and better understand the sensations of being passed over to receive them.

Finally, I was so thrilled when Megan of The Fresh Exchange asked me to be her May contributor, and if you missed it, hop on over here to read some thoughts on motherhood and see pictures of a day when my hair looked way better than it usually does. Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetHappy weekend!

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1 Response to Some things.

  1. Nikki says:

    Your guest post was gorgeous! I’m not so into babies and my grandfather passed away when my little was about 6 months old. My big had just turned 3, and we had a joint party for my son and his favorite relative, his Pa who turned 89 just a week before. It’s excruciating for you, and more so when you have littles to think of as well. It reads like you’re on the right path for all things! Remember to give yourself grace mom!

    Now, can we talk about those white jeans? LOFT is now the only place I can find pants to fit my body, and the curvy/Julia fit are the only thing that work. Do you have any advice for where to find curvy shorts? I’d love some that a) fit my body and b) have a 6-7 inch inseam. Or even thin summer pants? I’m in Nashville, so right with you for heat and humidity. Any direction you can offer would be amazing! Thank you!

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