Final fall things.

Fall2018-121Maybe it is because Thanksgiving fell as early as possible this year, or maybe it is because summer held on extra long, but fall has felt so short this year. While it’s always sad to see those pretty leaves go and think of the very cold days to come, I am loving this bonus extra full week of November before Advent starts. I appreciate having time to get ready to celebrate Christmas so that December can feel a little less hectic.

And some things!

What did you all eat for Thanksgiving? We hosted James’ side of the family and a couple friends, and I used it as an excuse to try out some new recipes from my favorite culinary corner of the internet. Thanksgiving breakfast included these festive buns, I made this kale and caramelized onion stuffing (divine!) and these slow roasted sweet potatoes, which a certain recently-started-solids-baby-girl especially enjoyed. I tried these roasted garlic and slow cooker mashed potatoes and I am sold, if for the aroma alone. These are a favorite festive non-pie alternative…

… and the turkey. THE TURKEY. I had never made one, which led to several mishaps, like when I melted the meat timer and had to stuff my turkey twice because I forgot to take all the innards out first. But it ended up being so good. At the recommendation of a colleague, I slathered it in mayo (making sure that no one in my home saw that part or they wouldn’t eat it!), shoved a stick of butter, 2 apples, and two onions inside, and then did the foil wrapping method. So easy! No brining or prep! So fast! So IMPOSSIBLY MOIST! Which was good, because all energy saved was used in the end of the evening, when our dishwasher started gushing across the floor and we had to hand-wash all Thanksgiving dishes. (And yes, it did give me flashbacks to this year!)

This had me in tears because CHRISTMAS COMMERCIALS and emotions and music. If you’ve been around here awhile, you know I love crying at Christmas commercials (vol 2 here)… any other winners this year?

This had me in tears/goosebumps because animal power struggles in the Serengeti with a side of Beyoncé just get me like that.

I’ve been cyber friends with RA for a couple years now, and she is doing a Dressember to speak out against human trafficking that some of you may want to be a part of… those of you not so postpartum that you pretty much only 2 dresses that fit.

I am loving this podcast lately, partially because I find people talking about things like meal planning very soothing, and partially because Kendra’s tips are helpful, and her perspective so so good. Dare I even use the overused term “life-giving”? Maybe.

Just finished this book and it was really beautiful. If you loved All the Light We Cannot See, you will really love it. By the way, I got that book for free with the Amazon First Reads program and whyyyyyy did it take me so long to realize you can get a free Kindle book each month?

I stopped doing much photography for other people after Henry was born, but I did do family photos for a number of our friends over the past couple weeks. I was able to wrangle pretty much everyone rather calmly and efficiently into some smiling card-worthy photos… yet my own family was another story. Henry tried to flee the scene no fewer than a million times when I had a friend snap some for us last weekend. Don’t worry- all those bloopers will be coming your way. But in the meantime- a happy pic to end this random late-fall list. Familyphotos2018-28Familyphotos2018-90

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3 Responses to Final fall things.

  1. susanberke says:

    The Ragged Edge of Night was amazing! Got a Kindle copy as part of Amazon Prime’s monthly free books and read it over lunch. Was annoyed when I had to go back to work. And will definitely be trying the kale and carmelized onion stuffing but I don’t think the office potluck is that adventurous so it may have to wait until Christmas!

  2. RA says:

    Thank you so much for the Dressember shout-out!

  3. I will be trying the mashed potatoes!

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