Christmas commercials make me cry [vol. 2].

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetYesterday Henry “hosted” (ok, “was present for”) some of his friends to decorate Christmas cookies and there was going to be a blog post of cute pictures of tots and sprinkles… but have you ever handed sprinkles to toddlers? We had a blast and ate way too many of these tasty cookies, but it was certainly an unphotogenic one and I was too busy stopping Henry from snorting [too many] sprinkles to take pictures.

So instead, another one of my favorite sorts of Christmas lists: Sappy Holiday Commercials. Just a few tear jerking ads to get you in the holiday spirit.

Like this one, where some stuffed bears manage to cut your heart into teeny tiny pieces.

Or this one, that makes me cry because people dancing in the snow to show us that REAL LOVE IS NEVER A WASTE OF TIME.

INTERSPECIES FRIENDSHIPS. I can’t – I just can’t. That wasn’t the actual John Lewis commercial this year, but the real monster one also had me brushing a tear.

This list is pretty Anglocentric. Those Brits just know how to get me!

Ok- what are the best weepy commercials this year? I know I’m missing tons, as we don’t actually have TV channels or see commercials.

What’s that? You really do want a picture of  Henry’s Holiday Cookie Party? Finnneeeee.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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2 Responses to Christmas commercials make me cry [vol. 2].

  1. Elizabeth Wegmann says:

    I think that this post and picture shoots Henry right into the Rocking-horse Cookie Apprentice Program by-passing all unnecessary entangling fees and requirements! ❤

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