When you come to DC with kids in the springtime…

… I highly recommend that you go to the Mall, and then promptly skip all the museums. I mean, they are great, they get us through winter, and I love them forever- but go ahead and skip them all for this:Spring2019-5Spring2019-6Spring2019-7Spring2019-10Spring2019-11Let your kids spin till they are mildly pukey, but still enamored with the colorful horses, and then stumble on over to some of the prettiest forgotten gardens in DC in front of the Smithsonian Castle.Spring2019-15Spring2019-16Spring2019-23Spring2019-24Spring2019-25It’s not the first time I’ve waxed poetic about the superiority of the magnolia flowers over the cherry blossoms. and it is still true- they are perfect. Spring2019-27Spring2019-28Spring2019-29

Your kids will run around and almost fall in the fountains and try to climb into the flower beds and it will be all the joy you expected to get when they saw the Constitution but didn’t obtain.

(Hi Spring. Welcome.)

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