Love Letters.

Spring-5 Spring-7 Spring-11 Spring-12 Spring-13Spring-14 Spring-16 Spring-18 Spring-19Spring-20 Spring-21 Spring-22 Spring-23 Spring-25 Spring-26 Spring-27 Spring-29 Spring-32 Spring-36 Spring-39 Spring-41 Spring-51Dear Husband: Thanks for taking the time to resuscitate our bikes after sitting on the porch all winter so that we could go on our epic Sunday bike ride.

Dear Janna: Thanks for coming to visit this weekend and encouraging me to get out and spend Sunday afternoon loving on this city. It’s the best having a friend in town who has been in my life since before I could walk.

Dear Eastern Market Mini-Donuts: I love you. I love that I can eat you in two bites, that you aren’t too sweat, that I can cover you in all different sauces, and that I can have 7 of you for 3$. DC just doesn’t even realize how amazing you are, and I’m ok with that because then our little neighborhood wood be overrun.

Dear Vegetables: Sorry… I know it’s been a while… I promise to see you again soon.

Dear Capitol Hill: Even though your rent makes me want to cry, you are the best. I love your Lincoln dog park, your flower stands, and the bold colors you splash across your houses. I know that I will never ever EVER make enough to live in one of those houses unless I sell all my plasma and half my vital organs, but I love that you let me dream.

Dear DC: Thanks for always having new and wonderful things to discover. Like the Old Post Office tower, which lets you see the whole city. I love that I think that I know you, but then you show me something else to love about you. You’re the best.

Dear Japanese Magnolia Trees: You and I both know that you are far superior to those measly cherry blossom trees that everyone was flocking to see this week. But just between us, I’m glad everyone is delusional, because it means that we had Rawlins Park to ourselves to enjoy those perfect pink blossoms.

Dear Old Navy Ballet Flats: You are just the best ever.

Dear Spring: Thanks for showing up. You had us worried there a couple times, but you are here and you are glorious.

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14 Responses to Love Letters.

  1. Love it and glad to see spring arrived!

  2. Heidi says:

    Your hair is looking pretty fantastic.

  3. Love those donuts, that whole city, and the wonderful people that live there! Miss you all!

  4. giulia says:

    this looks fantastic! where in the eastern market did you get those donuts? i neeeeeed…

    • Hannah says:

      You totally need them. They are sold by the other food stands in the section of the market that is right by the public pool. If you are on the end near Port City Java, it is on the other side of the man permanent market from PCJ.

  5. Katie B says:

    Japanese Magnolias! That’s what those are! I have two in front of my house and since we moved in before August, I never saw the blooms and didn’t know what they were. They just started blooming and they are so, so, SO lovely.

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