Easter Things.

Spring2019-58Spring2019-60Spring2019-61Spring2019-62Spring2019-63Spring2019-64Spring2019-65Spring2019-66Spring2019-72Spring2019-75Spring2019-76Spring2019-80Last week my mom was in town and it was the most magical time of having an adult to kid ratio skewed in our favor. The whole week was capped off with James and me escaping for a couple days while my mom watched the kids and eventually I will stop being in denial that that long awaited trip is over and blog about it. In a true Easter miracle, we were on time for church, a feat that never happens and always leaves me in tears over missing the best Easter hymns. It only took an entire year of planning and we basically hurled the kids into their finery straight from bed and then put them directly into the car- but it happened. We did Easter brunch with friends and had a repeat of last year’s festivities ending things right as all the tiny people started melting down under the influence of candy. He is risen INDEED. Or as Henry kept announcing, “HE IS A RAISIN!” (He has since changed his tune to announcing out of nowhere, “Jesus is dead and he is preparing a place for us,” which is biblically accurate except it is forgetting that key element of, say, the Resurrection, so maybe we still need to do some Easter theology clean up.)

Before you go –

This salad was on the table at our Easter brunch and I can’t stop thinking about it.

Obviously, this was too, because TRADITION.

I want to read every single essay on here which makes it both funnier, and so sad that they aren’t real.

H&M is forever and always my favorite place to get kids clothes and I can’t get enough of these impossible soft t-shirts for Etta. Whyyyyyy don’t they come in my size??

I finished Little Fires Everywhere last week and I have all the conflicted thoughts. Now it is onto this one, that I definitely had a friend request through her library system because I was too far down on the list in DC and COULD NOT WAIT.

Happy Eastertide.


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