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Spring2020-1Spring2020-9Spring2020-13Spring2020-17Spring2020-19Spring2020-20Spring2020-22Spring2020-23Clearly, these pictures are not from the past month, as we are having fun with people outside our household. But they are from a perfect rainy day hike on Roosevelt Island with friends early in March and I just came across them and wanted to share. Because someday we will play with friends again! This morning Henry (in a Shaun the Sheep costume- a suggestion btw, if you need a non-obnoxious kids show in your life) and Etta delivered some bags of Easter goodies to a couple friends (maintaining a safe distance, usually with a fence and yard between us and them) and they have been in the best mood every since, brimming with happiness that their friends still exist somewhere out there.

And now, a list of highly trivial and unimportant things.

This would be the perfect swimsuit coverup. Not that you need to coverup, but as we spend a lot of time in urban splash pads,  and my varicose this pregnancy are terrifying to all who glimpse them, so I have been searching for the right coverup.

I had to put this book aside to do a Book Club pick recently, but I’m really excited to pick it back up because what better time to read about a Russian count sentenced to life in a hotel than when we are all quarantined?

My friend Anna tossed us a bag of these after we left goodies at her house and they are the Hot Cross Buns of my dreams, which I have never successfully made.

I’ve been getting caught up on grading and some online lesson prep in the evenings these days and watching a couple things of note. Loving this, although it is pretty different than the book- anyone else think so? Mia on the show is kind of … mean? I also have turned to the comforting presence of British period dramas in these uncertain times. This was so good… only to DEEPLY UPSET ME when I found out that they wrote it intending to have a second season, but it was canceled. So the ending was VERY unsettling. I also rewatched this and have big plans to watch the movie soon, but I’m just not sure anything can top the miniseries.

Made this for dinner earlier this week and it was the recipe I didn’t know I needed in my life. Creamy tuscan chicken to use up some of the insane amounts of spinach we have! I served it with potatoes, but I wish I had just had it solo alongside some crusty bread to sop up sauce.

In love with this swimsuit for Etta, as it is a knockoff of the adorable but ungodly expensive ruffle swimsuits from here. Of course, I keep on putting off buying clothes for my kids because who do we need to impress these days??? We are looking pretty ratty and I don’t even care.

Favorite lipstick these days. You know, for those Zoom meetings you want to feel extra special.

Making this for Easter morning because I just never get tired of yelling “He is Risen and so is the monkey bread!”

Really sad to be missing our annual Easter extravaganza with friends (see here and here) tomorrow, as well as our Easter service at church. But also so thankful that our faith isn’t bound to ceremonies, traditions, or walls, just as our Christ was not bound to a tomb.

Happy (almost!) Easter!


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2 Responses to This & That

  1. Madeleine says:

    I love the colours in the pictures – the moodiness contrasted with the rain jackets.
    I also didn’t realize that Little Fires Everywhere is out already! The book was so good, I hope the show is doing it justice, but it seems like maybe not if they made Mia mean? 😦

    • Hannah says:

      It is an entertaining show, but they definitely add A LOT of stuff that isn’t there. Like, A LOT A LOT A LOT. But if you go in with that mindset you can still enjoy it. Or maybe it’s just because I love Reese…

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