This & That.


Is this blog going to just fangirl about summer the next 2 months?


Here are some things I am loving this summer:

These mosquito repelling coils. We tried so many things that didn’t work and these have proved so effective.

These shoes. True, I don’t actually own them [yet]. But they seem a perfect combo of my beloved Chacos that have finally cracked after 14 years of use and these sandals that I have worn incessantly since Henry was born. (Love these too!)

This book was such a fun read. I started and abandoned a couple books before hitting on a win with this one.

This is going to the summer of the Enneagram for me. I picked up this book, and am going to add these number focused podcasts to my list for the morning runs that I have [slowlyyyy] been adding back into my routine.

We got a Costco membership after moving to a place that has a pantry (!!!), and I have loved exploring it. We are starting another Whole30 on Monday, so I have been excited about Costco paleo finds like this marinade, Nutpods at a fraction of the cost, and the Kirklands almond butter really is the best.

Of course, Whole30 prompted by a desire to be just a little less than a human meat suit. (If you are a parent, you definitely want to click on that link. It will BLESS YOU.)

These pictures are from a visit to Indiana at the beginning of June and they are the best of summer freedom to me. They also showed how little my city boy understands clotheslines, as he kept wanting to go “play in the blinds.” I kind of want to frame one and hang it in my living room so we have a little bit of summer year round.

Happy weekend all!


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5 Responses to This & That.

  1. Kimberly says:

    Highly recommend Sleeping at Last’s Enneagram album and podcasts! Found him via This Sounds Fun and was blown away by his insights.

  2. amyvanhuisen says:

    I too loved Where the Crawdads Sing! I read it immediately after Kristin Hannah’s The Great Alone, which I also liked. Both books portrayed strong young women, but there was something soulish and, at times, mesmerizing in “…Crawdads…”–so much so, it nearly took away my breath!

    It was so delightful to meet you in person at Thomas’ Indiana open house!

  3. Nicole says:

    Meat suit. Yes. Hahahah.

    We need to check out the mosquito coils. I’m reticent to spray the yard with Cutter as we usually do, bc Sam literally eats grass, while meat suit looks on vacantly. But I’m also tired of my meat suit getting riddled with bites (and even more so the sweet baby skin).

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