Third time around.

Summer2019-44Summer2019-45Summer2019-46Summer2019-49Summer2019-50Summer2019-51Summer2019-52Summer2019-53Summer2019-54Summer2019-55Summer2019-56Summer2019-61Summer2019-63Summer2019-83Summer2019-67Summer2019-65Summer2019-70Summer2019-84Summer2019-74Summer2019-79Summer2019-80Summer2019-81It’s the third time around for our peak-of-summer blackberry picking adventure, and here’s what I have to say-

We’re learning.

The first year that we made the trek out of the city, the primary goal was to soak in some beautiful blooms, to snap pictures of our precious children surrounded by sunflowers and maybe pick a few berries on the way home. We dressed the kids well, intent on the aesthetics of the adventure. Last year, we still dragged them to the flowers, but we didn’t stay long before ditching the mostly-dead blooms and heading to the berry fields. This year I was thrilled when we postponed our adventure a week to avoid a heatwave and all the sunflowers died in the interim. It freed me from any need to visit them, and so we skipped that part entirely and spent hours roaming the farm, feeding animals, picking berries, and playing with the wheelbarrow. The kids wore old clothes sure to be ruined by the berries, and the babies smashed berries into the picnic blankets. Everyone got ice cream at the end, and all afternoon naps were ruined by kids falling asleep on the way home. Which is to say –

We’re learning.

That what is most fun for kids is the adventure itself, not the aesthetics of it. That accepting and facilitating what makes it more fun for kids (all the snacks, messy clothes, low expectations), is worth it. That schedules should give way for memories sometimes. That it is so valuable to revisit places year after year and chart my children’s growth – and my own as a mother – against familiar backdrops and anticipated and long-discussed experiences.

Third time around and it just keeps getting better.

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3 Responses to Third time around.

  1. Ellen Johnson says:

    As someone who tends to worry vainly about the aesthetics of things, I’m learning too. Having three kids has taught me to calm the heck down mostly by just struggling to survive and get out the door!

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