Easter in isolation.

If you thought a global pandemic would spare you from an Easter photo onslaught- THINK AGAIN. See that fear on my children’s faces? It’s not because of COVID-19, but rather the crazed look in my eye when I informed them they had to pose for a picture before being allowed to hunt for eggs.Spring2020-49Or as James put it, “A global pandemic is no match for my wife’s iron-will to achieve family photos. ” Absolutely. Spring2020-51Slightly happier. I’ll take it.

When social distancing started, I was truly hopeful that we would be back at church by Easter Sunday. I love Easter at our church, love the celebrations and traditions we do around that day to help our family mark and cherish it. But the weeks leading up to Easter were such a good reminder that our circumstances to not change the fundamental truths that we celebrate on Easter and every Sunday. Even though it is chaotic and loud, I look forward to our Sunday mornings as a family, gathered on the couch streaming church. A lot of snacks are dolled out to keep the peace, and I can’t say that I have been able to fully focus on the sermon each week. But our children are seeing that we get to worship and rejoice from anywhere, in any circumstance.

In the week leading up to Easter, our church gave all the families packets of things to do with our kids to celebrate Holy Week. As a very not-crafty mom, I appreciated having packets with all the materials and idiot-proof instructions. We made palms and waved them on palm Sunday, with Henry yelling “Hosanna!” and Etta initially yelling “MOANA!” but eventually figuring it out. We did some crafts and lessons throughout the week and tried to impart the truth of the Resurrection in a way that our kids could understand. And on Easter morning we blasted hymns, let the kids yell Hallelujah and celebrated the greatest miracle. It was so different, but it was still special and good. Spring2020-52After church, I forced everyone into real clothes for an Easter egg hunt. Our kids pretty much ate candy as they found each egg and the sugar crash was REAL. But I loved watching them excitedly dash around looking for eggs. What candy they didn’t consume we confiscated and then have continued hiding eggs and letting them trade in what they find for the remaining candy. Spring2020-53Spring2020-56Spring2020-59Don’t let her grim face fool you- this girl was living her best life. Spring2020-61Spring2020-63Spring2020-64That person behind Henry? My mom. The best blessing of the past month. This pregnancy continues to get rougher, and managing my health along with home, working without childcare, etc, has been hard – as I know it is for everyone. Following weeks of appropriate measures on both our parts, my mom was able to come for a week around Easter and it was the relief we needed. Spring2020-65Spring2020-67Had to document one of the only times I have worn real clothes since early March, and maybe the only time I will be dressed up this whole pregnancy. Spring2020-71Spring2020-72Spring2020-76Spring2020-77Every Easter I look forward to forcing my boys into bowties. Spring2020-79Happy Easter!Spring2020-74

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3 Responses to Easter in isolation.

  1. Nabeela says:

    I am in love with your pictures

  2. 16ocean says:

    beautiful. joy. thank you for sharing

  3. I’ve been so encouraged by your posts, and I really felt this one. I can imagine that relief you felt when your mother was able to be with you!! Congrats on the expected bebe!!!!

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