Library of Impressions

My dad was flying back from Israel this past weekend and arranged to have a several day layover in Paris. This marked his first time in Paris, and I was determined for us to enjoy it as much as possible in two and a half days. Of course, in that short of a time, you can’t hope to absorb everything. My dad told me what he had just spent three weeks telling his students: when you are in a place for the first time, just focus on filing away the things around you in the library of impressions. Savor each moment so that it is catalogued in your mind and you can pull it back out to later to appreciate it afresh.

Other than a five hour visit to the Louvre to photograph ancient near east artifacts among other things, our time together was mostly defined by one word: leisure. We spent a good portion of his visit sitting in cafés, reading infront of monuments, relaxing beside fountains, and allowing ourselves to be entertained by street performers. These moments of repose were punctuated by long walks from one place to another, but on the whole his time here was relaxed and refreshing.

I actually left my camera in the apartment for a good deal of his stay, but I did manage to grab a couple shots of the impressions we came upon, the images that are now filed away to contribute to the mosaic that is Paris.

First, a performer in front of Notre Dame who held the cathedral in a crystal globe. Next, a fire dancer in front of Notre Dame and a view of Île de la cité glowing by night.Finally, two of the many musicians who take advantage of the acoustics around the Louvre and fill Paris with their music, offering a perfect soundtrack to a beautiful city.

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4 Responses to Library of Impressions

  1. bkjergaard says:

    Glad to see your love of street performers is alive and well!

  2. Lawson Stone says:

    And the best impression to go into my “library” of those few days was of my dear daughter!

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