Eastern Market

When Rachel was visiting a couple weeks ago, the weekend of the race and shower, we took Sunday evening for a long walk through Eastern Market. (And yes, I am drawing that one weekend of fun into multiple posts. It is nearing the end of the semester, and you don’t really want posts about me writing papers.)

I love Eastern Market. I love the colors, the bustling activity of yuppie people shopping for marked up produce, the venders hawking jewelry and clothing, and the flea market where you can rummage around for old treasures.  Walking through the crowded market you can’t help but feel apart of something colorful, vibrant, alive, old, new. It is that distinctly unique market community.

besties in stripes and shades

leeks and hydrangeas

the indoor market where James likes to look at all the gross fish

the counter where you can buy delicious greasy food

cannoli from the little bakery in the indoor market

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10 Responses to Eastern Market

  1. Shelly says:

    I love Eastern Market! Several of my friends have had internships in DC over the years and I’ve always insisted on going back. What’s the name of the little pizza place right by the market? And Capital Hill books is there too right?

  2. Shelly says:

    I just posted a comment but I think it deleted it… so I apologize if this is a repeat.


    I love Eastern Market! Several good friends have had internships there over the years and I have always insisted on visiting Eastern Market when I am there. What’s the name of the little pizza place there? And Capital Hill Books is there too, right? What a fun place.

    • hs87 says:

      We love Capital Hill Books! The pizza place might be We the Pizza, though it is a little further away. If you remember it, please share!

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  8. kaylahead says:

    Hi there!
    Someone shared another one of your posts, “My Husband is Not My Soul Mate” on Facebook, and I love all of your posts! I’m a student at Gallaudet University, a little ways from Eastern Market, and I love all of the little treasures just waiting to be found. Anywho, thanks for writing “My Husband is Not My Soul Mate,” it helped me to see things from a different perspective. I look forward to reading more!


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