Honeymoon Part II: Canadian Color

I have said it before, but I love color. That sentence is not strong enough for how I really feel. I’m like Winston Churchill – I show total prejudice against the dull colors and flock to the bold and bright. And don’t even get me started about looking for color wheel combinations in the real world. A natural occurrence of the secondary triad and I am practically in tears.

The Canadian Rockies were like a drug to me. SO. MUCH. COLOR.

I am not new to mountains, as my family used to go to the Colorado Rockies every other summer. But the colors in Canada were unparalleled. And mostly it was due to the water. On our first day we hiked up to the Grassi Lakes, a set of twin lakes not too far up the mountains from Canmore. When we arrive at the first lake, I immediately went into color spasms over the vibrant teal of it and insisted on taking a bazillion photos.

And then we hiked up a little higher and I just about died, because this is what we saw:

And the week only got more intense from there. According to our awesome guide book, the lakes in this area get their intense aqua color from glacial silt that travels down the mountain  grinding the sand into glass like bits….. or something. My reason: MAGIC. Or Mountain fairies.  Whatever you think is more plausible.

And yes, that is the love of my life rowing on Moraine Lake and completing the primary colors. And yes, I was too preoccupied to row. 

See more honeymoon photos here and here and here.

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5 Responses to Honeymoon Part II: Canadian Color

  1. amazing scenery and colour!

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  3. Marilyne says:

    Those are awesome shorts!!!!!

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