Can You Run With All The Colors Of The Wind

According to the chipper announcer who was trying to get us to do the Cupid Shuffle at 8 in the morning as a precursor to a 5k, “The color run has two key components: Enthusiasm and DANCING!!!!”

And yes, I immediately knew I was in the right place. The Color Run. Where else do you get to run a super easy race, while people douse you in color powder, and then finish in a DANCE PARTY?

James’ take on the event: “It has been said that hell is other people. That is wrong. Hell is other people throwing color in your face while you have to run early in the morning.”

Whatever. It was HEAVEN.  And yes, I had so much enthusiasm that a free fanny pack was bestowed upon me.  You know life is good when you are psyched to get a free fanny pack.  Disclaimer: said fanny pack does not do wonders for the figure. It is a sign of my color love that I am sharing these photos.

Our friends Charlie and Ellie were here for the weekend, with Ellie being part of Team Can You Run With All The Colors Of The Wind, and Charlie being the team photographer.

And if there was any doubt about James’ eventual enthusiasm, I offer the following photos as proof. 

People, when the Color Run comes to your town, DO IT. Not only is it the easiest 5k ever (no timer, time chips, people who care about being fast, etc.), but you will have the distinct pleasure of blowing green purple snot out of your nose for the next 3 days.

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3 Responses to Can You Run With All The Colors Of The Wind

  1. Emily Walsh says:

    I love these pictures!! Haha your kids will love seeing these someday. And I sincerely hope that you have LOTS of kids!

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