An afternoon in Arlington

The weekend before Thanksgiving, James and I took a Sunday afternoon to go out to Arlington Cemetery.  It was one of those perfect fall days, the type that I thought had been scared away by Hurricane Sandy. But no, Arlington was all that was peaceful and beautiful, a perfect setting for the ceremonies that had surrounded Veteran’s Day. And nothing could make me feel more thankful than walking through the grounds of Arlington. Every perfect white stone marks someone who knew courage in a way that most of us will never know, and who sacrificed more than most of us will ever be asked to give up. And there are so many, so very many, stretching out as far as you can see.  I felt so humbled walking across the grounds.

I am thankful for all these people. They are the best of us.

(Side note: Do you notice what there isn’t a picture of? That’s right, the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Because somethings should be reverent, and that means no pictures. And silent, something often ruined by pictures — you know that you can turn the iphone on silent right????? Plus, they sell pretty good ones in the gift shop I hear. I mean, even I put away my camera. And if you really have to take a picture, don’t be that unspeakably disrespectful tourist who was doing goofy pictures with peace signs and crazy smiles  during the ceremony while your buddy snaps a picture. You know who you are.)

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