Ana-Joel and Joseph: Black and White New York Engagement Shoot

Remember that whirlwind weekend in New York, the one just before Sandy hit?

Well despite the pictures of me consuming all sorts of deliciousness, the point of the trip wasn’t actually for me to eat lots of cupcakes, but to take engagement photos for my dear friends Ana-Joel and Joseph. You might remember the crazy story of how they met, fell in love, and then had a surprise Parisian engagement.

Tonight I am just sharing the black and white pictures. (You know how I love those black and white shots!) Tomorrow (hopefully) I will have the rest up and you can appreciate the gorgeous fall colors, but for tonight — some classy monotones. 

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10 Responses to Ana-Joel and Joseph: Black and White New York Engagement Shoot

  1. Sharon says:

    Uh…do you have my cellphone number?
    Kidding. I’m far too terrified for anything more than like, blind date drinks. Without me knowing it’s a blind date. Or even being there.

  2. Outclassed says:

    Great composition! You have a wonderful eye!

  3. Leslie says:

    Beautiful Hannah! They look adorable!

  4. Ruth Kloha says:

    Hannah, you are sooo talented!! I love these beautiful people in your beautiful pictures 🙂

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