Ana-Joel and Joseph: New York Fall Engagement Shoot

Obviously when I said on Sunday that I would have the second half of the photos up “tomorrow” I meant Tuesday. It just took too long to decide which ones to share… which is why I am sharing more than you probably ever cared to see.

But can you blame me? The fall colors in New York were perfect — Central Park, I love you, and if DC keeps on being stupid about my car registration, I am just giving up and moving to the park.  I spent the whole day walking around going “wow wow WOW” like a five year old. Or like a 25 year old who was FINALLY going to New York City for the first time.  As you will see, we used their engagement photo shoot as a way for me to see the city in one afternoon, starting at the New York Public Library, winding our way through the city, and ending at the Met. Most. Fun. Photoshoot. Ever

Ana-Joel and Joseph, after spending the weekend watching you all be in love — I can’t wait till June. And as much fun as it was taking photos… I am even more excited about getting to stand up there with you!

Ana-joelandJosephNYCAna-JoelandJosephNYC2Ana-JoelandJosephNYC3Yes, you are seeing that correctly: that is the finale pose from Dirty Dancing. But don’t worry — they’re still human… it took them a whole three tries to do it. Ana-JoelandJosephNYC4Ana-JoelandJosephNYC5Last stop of the day — the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Both Ana-Joel and Joseph are students of art history, and it has played an important role in their relationship. They will both end up spending lots of their life in art museums… seemed fitting to take some pictures there as well!Ana-JoelandJosephNYC6Still here after that photo marathon? Check out part I here, all the classy black and white shots, and read their love story here.


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3 Responses to Ana-Joel and Joseph: New York Fall Engagement Shoot

  1. Leslie says:

    Gorgeous shots Hannah! This is the second time I’ve come back to look at them. (On the second visit, I feel obligated to leave a comment of my stalker habits.)

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