Gathering moments six months in

It’s been six months already. Untitled-2

Over Christmas break, my friend Rachel passed on some pictures that she took the week of the wedding. Now, we have 600+ stunning photos from our actual photographer that we love so we really don’t need any more photos. But looking through the pictures Rachel took was so much fun because she took the non-professional type, where she has captured every awful or awkward expression that anyone made all weekend. They were the sniper style photos, taking while we were goofing around, and with such an un-intimidating camera that we didn’t feel the need to stop. These won’t be the type that fill frames on my walls… but I can’t stop smiling and laughing every time I look through them.


Of course, I don’t think I ever will get tired of seeing photos that friends snapped that day. True, they start to look the same to everyone else. But to me, that day is made of a million moments, every one individual and special. I will never grow tired of gathering them together and looking them over, never tire of remembering them.

And after all, it’s only been six months.

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4 Responses to Gathering moments six months in

  1. i love these type of photos! 🙂 and you look great. when I look at the photos it seems the day was perfect…;o)

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