Last Saturday.

January Saturdays have taken on a delightfully lazy quality that sometimes means still being in bed in the afternoon watching Parenthood and eating under the covers. I can’t complain.

But this past Saturday we were reminded of why we love living on Capital Hill. It was one of those sunny Saturdays where you just have to get out and walk around, soaking it all in.DSC_4215 lavendersunnyday

This city just doesn’t stop growing on me.

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9 Responses to Last Saturday.

  1. Is that Ted’s Bulletin, per chance? Great photos!

  2. bkjergaard says:

    I love that headband thingie. And James glasses. Hipster!

    • Hannah says:

      Thanks! It’s super cozy and a good hat alternative when I’m rocking the bun. And those are the free glasses from Coastal contacts that I was telling you about!!!!

  3. Phil Wegmann says:

    James, those glasses are meant for a younger if not yuppier man.

  4. Phil Wegmann says:

    Your boy looks fly Hannah!

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